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Finally a dresser refinish I can really get behind! Beautiful work!

Before & After: Erin's Inherited Dresser
3/5/14 03:34 PM

I use cheap non-diet cola - I just pour in about an inch and let it cook down as far as I can before the liquid disappears. The sugar softens the burned stuff and the acidity helps pull it up. Works on baking sheets too. Vinegar would do the same but value brand cola is cheaper around here!

How To Clean Burnt Pots & Scorched Pans
2/20/14 04:57 PM

It's like there isn't an entire section of this site dedicated to making the most of small spaces! ;) If you really want to combine sitting room and bedroom, as so many, many others, like me, who live in a studio do, consider getting a murphy bed or a bed that doubles as a sofa.

Is Combining Bedroom and Living Room Impossible? Good Questions
11/30/13 08:49 AM

My windows are similar. I attached door chains to them on the outside (I had to cut the chain down to make it too small for my cats head to get through, which made it difficult to get my hand through as well for locking but it can be done!). That way I can still open the windows if I want to but there's no way for the little guy to put himself at risk. My cat is also able to open levers so it was a concern that if I didn't he'd be able to open the windows himself when I wasn't around.

Ideas to Help Protect My Cat From Open Window Situation?
Good Questions

11/8/10 05:54 AM