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Gosh - I was just going to say that as a candle lover, e53's link was helpful. What's preachy about being able to click on a link if you care to that may give you a little more information about the choices you can make as a consumer. You know what's a downer? Not having the luxury to inform ourselves and to make choices. And name-calling by adults. Big downer.

Tell Us: What Are Your Favorite Scented Candles? Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/25/14 02:40 PM

I have had the Brimnes bed for over a year now with the headboard and it has been great. No complaints (though my husband put it together and I left that part of the house for a while, so I may have missed the ugly putting it together stuff). I would also caution not to load down the drawers too much - I have them filled with bedding and sweaters and it is great. There's a HUGE amount of space in the drawers. Go for it.

Reviews of IKEA Mattresses & Brimnes Bed ? Good Questions
1/28/14 12:27 PM

Looking at this place makes me feel like a little kid; what a magical, wonderful space to grow up in. It sings with personality, joy and authenticity. Fabulous!

Jill & Dan's Lighthearted Home House Tour
12/12/13 01:34 PM

Please, please, please tell me what paint you used! It is gorgeous! It is going to haunt me (in a good way).

Lula's Baby Bunnyland Nursery Tour
11/12/13 05:00 PM

If you're talking about a sleeper sofa that is comfortable for guests (something that is not going to be used daily), I would strongly recommended something with an air mattress. You can purchase a replacement air mattress made for sofas (Dream Air?) for under $300. I did this and got rid of the horrible mattress my sofa came with. It makes a HUGE difference. Inflating and deflating it is not a big deal. Totally worth it.

Stylish Couch That's Comfortable for Sleeping? Good Questions
10/21/13 03:07 PM

Awwww! GEGE! What a beautiful note. This just made my day and I don't even know you guys. I'm feelin' the love.

Caroline & Sebastian's Bohemian Fairytale House Tour
8/8/13 07:46 PM

I would LOVE to leave home. Sigh. With a toddler in the house, I actually felt kind of relieved to see the one-country maps. Which got me thinking, what a great project to do with a small child. Totally do-able and they get a sense of where they've been and that the world is a huge and wonderful place they can explore someday.

Travel DIY: Map Your Memories
7/17/13 12:34 PM

PAINT COLORS PLEASE! Gorgeous - love, love, love.

Eunice's Clean & Well-Lit Place House Tour
5/3/13 03:14 PM

Thank you, Sharpette! And thanks to everybody who took the time to weigh in. My friend was so delighted and touched at this little surprise that she told me it had "restored her faith" in humanity. (How's that for theraputic?) It is precisely because of all her responsibilities that getting input from, yes, complete strangers is a diverting and delightful distraction. Having these suggestions has been a great jumping off point and has given us some new ideas. And mostly, it achieved what I wanted, which was to help my friend get excited about the new chapter of her life. Isn't that what it's about?

Wall Color for Relaxing & Chic Bedroom? Good Questions
4/29/13 03:54 PM

Does anybody have a recommendation for a kettle that has absolutely no plastic parts touching water? (Not even the little window that shows you the water level.)

Good Design, Everyday Objects:
Electric Kettles

10/3/12 01:28 PM

Oh, yes. Do I ever understand. My guy is a jazz fanatic and also adopted a collection of classical vinyl. No question that he would digitize or store the collection (though I did fantasize...) After much research, we bought two 5 x 5 Expedit shelving units from IKEA and mounted them to the wall. They each hold about 2,000 - 2,500 albums (maybe somebody out there knows more precisely) and if you align the front edges at the front of the shelf, they collect little dust. They're also always available on Craigslist for less than the $200 IKEA charges. Good luck! I hope you live in a large space!

Collection Help: Living with a Record Lover
1/23/12 02:29 PM

If you live in the SF Bay Area, there's a terrific community-based training program offered by the San Francisco fire department called NERT. It is free and you learn how to prepare and deal with major disasters like earthquakes, fires, etc and how to develop a family plan, a list of things to have on hand, etc. Totally worth the time and hey, it's free!

Preparing for an Earthquake and Other Natural Disasters
2/22/11 04:52 PM

I just tested my old cast iron tub for lead and it tested positive. I've checked with two doctors who say that you probably can't absorb lead through the skin, but it is bigger concern if you've got toddlers who put their wet hands and toys in their mouths. Just a heads up.

How To Clean a Porcelain Bathtub or Sink
2/1/11 01:05 PM

These look great but I thought they needed circulating air. Won't being closed in the ornament cause them to rot?

Living Ornaments: Tillandsia
Better Homes and Gardens

12/2/10 06:06 PM

I HATED, HATED, HATED Peter and the Wolf as a child. Did not get why the adults thought I should like it.

The One Album Every Family Should Own
12/1/10 05:18 PM

I bought a cheap rectangular mirror from someone off of Craigslist. When I got it home, I knew why it was only $10. Fat mirror.

Mirror Images: Are There Really "Skinny Mirrors" and "Fat Mirrors"?
11/4/10 12:51 PM

The IKEA curtains are Hedda. Discontinued, unfortunately.

Rachel's "Door's Open" House
House Tour

10/28/10 04:49 PM

Very beautiful but I know exactly what would happen: 1. you have something on your fingers that gunks the thing up immediately, 2. you pull out the stopper that is covered in a fine dust of something colorful and it goes everywhere, 3. you can't set the thing down while it is uncorked because it will roll around. Trouble in the making.

Hot Spice Holders! Balloon Shakers by Masayuki Kurokawa
10/28/10 04:30 PM

An affront to the eyes.

Brightly Painted Pumpkins
10/15/10 12:42 PM

I second and third the recommendation for dumplings at Yank Sing in San Francisco. The Shanghai Dumplings and the snow Pea Shoot Dumplings are so good I want to cry. Absolutely delish.

Behold: Soup Dumplings!
9/22/10 06:43 PM