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making it lovely! makingitlovely.com

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12/24/08 12:43 AM

So many projects!

Baby shower presents!

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8/8/08 09:30 PM

It was worse out our way (La Mirada) since the epicenter was Chino Hills. Friends in Placentia and Brea had lots of stuff falling off walls, off tables, out of cupboards, etc. Luckily, I only had one casualty (though it was a 100 year old stained glass window :( ). Lots of stuff on my floor when I went home to check though; it's the one time I'm glad I have carpet instead of wood floors.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | EARTHQUAKE! Shake, Rattle and Roll!
7/29/08 03:24 PM

The Olde Ship pub in Fullerton, CA has many tables made out of sewing table bases... but they left the foot pedals on.

Apartment Therapy New York | Look! Sewing Table as Dining TableBoston
7/23/08 08:56 PM

Um, wow. Who here doesn't do all of this already? Well, aside from the Prius. That's a different story... those of us who are "green" because we're broke can't swing that one.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Green @ Home: Jackie's Green Lifestyle
7/10/08 11:01 PM

My roommate um, accidentally made chlorine gas in the kitchen. She mixed Comet with bleach and some cleaner with ammonia. She thought she'd save our cat, Charlemagne, by locking her in the bathroom. Unfortunately, Charlemagne had become extremely ill due to the gas, and had thrown up what looked like everything she'd ever eaten. We escaped to my parents' house with Charlemagne to let the fumes dissapate, and left the bathroom covered in cat vomit. After a few hours on a 110 degree summer day, well... cat vomit is not easily cleaned up. We threw out the rug, and scrubbed for hours with 409. Luckily, Charlemagne survived, and only occasionally reminds us of her bitterness about that situation.

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7/10/08 10:21 PM

Okay, everyone, give your bubble wrap to me! I ship lots of breakable stuff and reuse whatever material I can. There's lots of people on freecycle who would take some of this stuff highlighted here...Reusing is better than recycling.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Guide to Hard-to-Recycle Materials
7/8/08 02:49 PM

Really, Mr. D? My exciting, fun friends also do dishes, so we just meet up 15 minutes later. ;)

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Eco-Battle: Recyclable Paper Plates vs. Real Plates?
7/8/08 02:24 PM

Apple or peach! Although, one time I made a pretty spectacular mango cream pie...

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6/13/08 08:19 PM

Please don't buy it from Walmart! It might not even last the couple of years you think you'll want it. I've only purchased two pieces of "furniture" from Walmart, and I seriously regretted both purchases. Maybe this desk is different... but if you have any other options (like the Overstock desk?) I wouldn't chance it.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Good Questions: A Reasonable Substitute?
6/4/08 11:19 AM

I would chop EVERYTHING in it! I have such a tiny kitchen with no counterspace, and I can't possible stuff a regular food processor in there... this would be so easy to stick in a cupboard.

I would chop fruit for chunky smoothies or yogurt parfaits, makes lots of sauces, salsa, chop veggies for soups or omelettes, fresh herbs, etc. etc.

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5/30/08 01:25 PM

Hmm... I don't think that anyone here is "enabling" the original poster. I can understand that it's difficult to believe that she could be experiencing paranormal activity if you haven't experienced it yourself. But, for those of us who have, it's a legitimate question.

My suggestion is to find a priest. Even if nothing is there, a priest blessing the place won't hurt, and might make you feel more comfortable.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Good Questions: Paranormal Activity as a Lease Breaker?
5/27/08 10:01 PM

I just stayed with a friend in Oxford and used their ventless dryer... it took all day to dry four loads of towels and sheets. But, they didn't have to try to knock a hole in the stone walls of their Beaumont Street row house.

Apartment Therapy New York | Eco, Sexy Ventless: The Bosch Axxis Washer Dryer SeriesEmail from 4.28.08
5/5/08 09:32 PM

I love light wood floors- especially when they're older, narrow boards with an uneven finish. However, I recently stayed in a house in England with older, broad, very dark floorboards that were stunning... I agree that it depends on the space.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | LA Survey: Light Floors or Dark Floors?
4/17/08 01:59 PM

I love to bring back natural things (provided they're not part of a national park, or illegal to bring across borders, of course). I have rocks from beaches in Wales, sea glass from beaches near Dublin, sand from Omaha beach, gravel from the driveway of CS Lewis' house in Oxford, holy water from St. Margaret's well in Binsey, etc.

I also love used books and things from thrift stores. I avoid cheesy souvenir shops and get things used by locals. I just bought an entire tea set at a thrift store in Oxford.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Souvenirs
4/16/08 06:40 PM

I love the glass jars Nutella comes in- the ones that look like lowball glasses with plastic snap on lids. I got a few in England; I'm not sure you can get them stateside.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Best Recyclable and Reusable Packaging For the Home
1/8/08 07:00 PM