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Got my vote, some people here need to relax and and enjoy these entries, we all have different ideas of what's beautiful.

Darren's Usable Space
4/15/11 05:09 PM

I love the strong accents of color in second sitting room and bedroom, lovely place. I think any area that a he/she creates in their home makes it "personal"

Adam's Multi Functional Spaces
4/15/11 05:03 PM

Beautiful!!! May I ask where that armchair in your bedroom came from? This is my dream home.

Sandy Joe's Bewitching Home House Tour | Apartment Therapy New York
5/12/10 01:55 PM

I love your space and color choices, def got my vote! Are those vapor barstools form CB2?

Small Cool 2010: Andrew's Exaggerated Proportions Little Division #17 | Apartment Therapy New York
5/5/10 04:05 PM

This house is just GORGEOUS! THe inside and the outside just what I always dreamed of. It feels very warm to me and I really don't care how much $ went into this. It beautiful and that's all it matters, great job!

Could you tell me where did you get that wicker chair with pillows on picture 27?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | House Tour: Jora and Bryan's MidCentury Organic Remodel Los Angeles
4/9/09 02:54 PM

Love this entry, a winner in my book!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Midwest #34: Anna's Inspired Family Home
10/28/08 07:57 AM

Very dramatic color. LOVE IT

Apartment Therapy - # 9 - Pepe's Blue Space
10/26/07 08:51 AM

What a beautiful nursery! Love the wall painting, it so simple but very cool. Your color combinations are amazing, it really is soothing. The wall hung shelves are a great idea.

Apartment Therapy - Entry #10 Finn's Soothing Sleeper
10/26/07 08:50 AM

Jus Beautiful! I don't have any kids yet, but I will put this entry in my scrap book for future nursery room inspirations. Love your color choices and the contrast that you've created in this room. Is the crocodile on the wall painted or is that fabric?

Apartment Therapy - Entry #4 Sam's Chocolate Crash Pad
10/18/07 08:16 AM

WoW! Love your color choices! This is definitely a happy place to grow up.

Apartment Therapy - #2 Libby's Orange and Lime Nursery
10/16/07 08:40 AM

Love the bedroom stripe combination, and the bathroom is amazing (love the log)! Great space, very elegant.

Apartment Therapy - #6 - Derek's Earthy Blank Canvas
10/9/07 11:52 AM

Love all the different patterns in the fabrics usd throughout the space, and I LOVE the bright red and green punches of color. Nothing is overdone, its just enough and its so warm. Great entry.

Apartment Therapy - #10 - NinaRibena's Lighthearted Playful Colour
10/5/07 08:46 AM

Just wanted to clear few things here: Red curtains are not really red they are a darker shade of orange, and that is not a living room area it is a dining area that is connected with the kitchen. The wall in the wood stove room is made out of concrete and was later painted. Smaller stripes in that corner cave in little more than bigger stripes adding dimension. This was our alternative to stone tiles or brick, with the ability to change the color whenever we want to. May I just remind everyone that this contest is not about the furniture in our spaces its about the use of color and I happen to like IKEA.

Apartment Therapy - #8 - K M's Color Expressions
10/5/07 04:02 AM

Great space, the colored pottery in the kitchen window add so much to the orange wall. I live the green room, and the swing hang from the ceiling.

Some people here are so hateful, if you have nothing good to say just don't say it at all, and again this is a contest about the use of color not what kind of furniture you have in your home (I really wonder how the haters have their homes set up?)

Apartment Therapy - #3 - Alex and Jessica's Bold Bungalow
10/4/07 02:49 PM

Thank you all for all your comments, all are appreciated. The tree on the wall was first outlined with a pencil and later filled in with the left over paint from the bedroom.

Apartment Therapy - #8 - K M's Color Expressions
10/4/07 02:44 PM