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Yummy. I made this for breakfast this morning. Husband thought it was tasty.

Easy Breakfast Recipe: Kale and Goat Cheese Frittata Cups
6/16/13 12:33 PM

I am with saradearc, do your studies matter when a child has seen a medical professional? What purpose would the parent have to lie? Is it worth a person's life to eat some almonds?

Portable Recipe: Cold Noodle Salad with Creamy Peanut Sauce Recipes from The Kitchn
6/5/13 01:14 AM

I find myself being very judgemental about peoples food choices, but I am trying to be better. There is so much emotion involved with food. I think how you eat sometimes is so personal that it is almost like religion. As a whole, I mean the entire country, needs to be more encouraging in general. We are dying. It is defcon 1 out there. We are struggling with our weight as a nation. This web site is filled with people who maybe aren't. Please help me out here, next time someone is telling you how excited they are about some diet they are trying please respond this way, "I am so happy you are doing something to improve your health. I am so proud of you. Keep it up." I know you want to say, "No, don't do the surgury to make your stomach smaller" "No don't only eat 500 calories and take ECG" "don't only eat mangos on Tuesdays." If they are under a doctors treatment then just be encouraging. If they aren't hurting themselves then be encouraging. Some people lose alot of weight on weird diets, and if that brings them one step away from obesity then YAY! We need to be more concerned with this obesity problem then how judgemental we can be. When Gwenneth Paltrow came out with a cookbook all I heard from magazines and web sites was judge judge judge. Really? A Mom concerned with out their children are eating in the middle of the obesity epidemic, and this is what you choose to judge. I saw a woman on tv that fed her kids out of a fry daddy every night. Come on people. Lets stop knocking down the people who are trying, just because they aren't trying your way.

On Saying No to Paleo: Why Eating Isn't One Size Fits All
5/27/13 04:43 PM

I have seen them painted black at a salon I went to, and it looked awesome. I also like the fabric idea, if you billow it, I think it should be fire safe...

Cheap, Easy Solutions For Acoustic Tile Ceiling? Good Questions
10/2/12 04:24 PM

I agree with what other people have said, the use of texture is the best way to bring in a more of a feminine touch. I also would put in some shiny accents, like crystal, silver, and mercury glass. Then some warmth with soft throws and such.

Can a Dark Color Palette Be Girly? Good Questions
9/22/12 12:03 AM

I think that the author of this post is just talking about the design idea you shouldn't have personal photos everywhere. It is a real thing. I have heard it. I will vouch for the author. I tend to take those things with a grain of salt. I do believe there is a bad way to put photos out there. I mean it is best if you group them in similar frames, if you can. I also don't think those big montages are really good, only because it doesn't give the photo very much emphasis. It is nice when a photo gets its own frame, unless the photos are related. I did do a collage of my sister playing and jumping around. It is quite pretty and very introspective if I don't say so myself. The pictures show a joy and are mid action. I love them.

I also think rules are meant to be broken. I know pictures in the bathroom are sometimes creepy, but I had a picture of my husband and I at the Shoshone waterfalls. We put it right over the toilet because I think there should be a small bit of whimsy in everyroom. There is water and it looks like we are looking at whoever is going to the bathroom expectantly. Which is awesome because most of the men who come here are in my writing group and we like to tease them.

All my other photos are in the hallway, except a pic of my siblings on my vanity. I like my wedding photos because my entire family was there which is a rarity. I think you can listen to advice from an awesome place like this, just to give you ideas, but really you have to make decisions for yourself.

Displaying Personal Photos:
Awesome or Awkward?

9/21/12 11:52 PM

I would worry about the heat actually. My kitchen was built in the fifties, so there is one tiny window over the sink. Mid afternoon, doing dishes is blinding and the heat is brutal.

Greenhouse-Inspired Kitchens: Lots of Windows and Light! Kitchen Inspiration
6/23/12 03:34 PM

I have never made a cake from scratch in my life. I am embracing the organic, nonprocessed lifestyle. My buddies birthday came up and I found this! It turned out perfect. The chocolate we used was the 70% chocolate dark. It was very chocolate. It was very moist. Everyone loved it. Thank you for this.

Birthday Cake Recipe: Double Chocolate Sour Cream Cake
6/3/12 05:20 PM

As someone who has struggled with weight my entire life, I think it has to be on your mind all the time to be healthy. It isn't for me a lot of the time and that is my problem. I am starting now to constantly have reverence for the food I eat, know where it comes from, and how much. I love this web site because it constantly encourages me to do that. Thank you. Believe it or not, I enjoy the experience of eating more when I am aware of what I am doing.

In Which I Try to Keep It Simple and Fail Weekend Meditation
6/3/12 02:29 PM

My husband and I are struggling to be healthy. I got pretty fed up with being sick all the time, so I quit smoking and I watched all those food documentaries like Food Inc. and Forks over Knives. I was outraged to find out what was in conventional food so we decided to go organic and local as much as possible. In order to make up for the large hike in price we shop every couple of days because then we only get what we need and there is no waste. It has been very nice because the Co-op is only a little out of my way home from work. Also it feels like we eat alot more elegantly and wholesome. Dinner is a special time now instead of something we do in front of the tv. We now cook together slowly and talk, then eat at the table. I don't know how french that is, but I am enjoying life alot more than I did. I am alot healthier. I have alot more energy, and walking around the grocery store 2-3 times a week is nice. I have started a blog about trying to be healthy when I am kind of a health dummy. You might find it interesting

Shop Like a Parisian Weekend Meditation
4/22/12 03:51 PM

and she never used that framing shop again...

Help Repairing Broken Mirror Frame?
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1/18/11 07:23 PM

WOW don't know what cheap is, do you? I would try and visit some of the second hand office stores...they have some cool metal chairs sometimes

Chairs to Complement My Dining Table?
Good Questions

12/17/10 01:24 PM