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In so many of my recipes you're supposed to start cooking the meat then add the veggies so it seems like it'd make sense to cut the meat first the use the cooking time for cutting the veggies.
I always cut the veggies first then the meat to negate using a second knife/board or having to sanitize between.
Also, I have kids so if we're having meat I always cut it into bite size pieces, while still partially frozen, before cooking. That way it's easier to cut, cooks faster and I don't have to cut their food while mine gets cold.

10 Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Cleaner While You Cook Cleaning Tips from The Kitchn
7/2/14 12:53 AM

We were recently invited to my sil's home for a family event. Though it was at her home her aunt was technically hosting and preparing the meal.

Sil and bil have no children, and likely never will, they do have 2 huskies.
We have 4 boys, 3,4,7 and 9.
They are well behaved for the most part, but they are little boys.
I brought special new toys that honestly entertained some of the adults as much as the kids. Aunt who was hosting brought colouring books and sil had some pencil crayons.

They were very good, and I'm not a sugar coating parent, they're not always good.
Though they live barely 20 minutes away from us we won't be going back, except maybe as mandatory at christmas.
Our 9 year old was getting a drink of water with ice from the fridge, as directed by bil. Our fridge at home does not have ice and water in the door, and of course kids are always enthralled by these items.
As he was getting his ice some missed the cup. Bil gets up from across the room and races over to pick up the ice chip. Then he locked the ice portion.
Every adult, myself included, managed to have ice land on the floor. It happens, it's ice. I understand that it can damage the flooring, but the floors were horrendously damaged by the dogs already so...

Sorry for the tangent, I'm really bothered by this and some other events that day. This and another in particular as our oldest noticed both and mentioned them to me after the fact.

If you're hosting friends with kids, just give them the same consideration you give your friends. You want to provide a relaxing sleep space, enjoyable meals, entertainment and safety. This doesn't look alike for any two adults so why would it be the same for children as adults?

How To Host Kids in a Child-Free Home
3/31/14 02:12 AM

I know this post is getting old, but I'm hoping people still see my comment.

We have 4 boys and when our second was about 18 months old he was playing in the tub with his older brother. I had recently thrown out a few squirty toys (a few at a time so the kids didn't notice) and put the standard kitchen items in the tub for them. I put a funnel in and while they were playing our 18 month old fell and landed on the funnel, on his butt. It was about 1/4" from his anus.

The thought of the damage that could have caused still makes my skin crawl today. He's almost 6.

I was right there. We don't allow them to stand in the tub or have too much horse play (with 4 boys you can't cut out all horse play).

Please don't put funnels in your kids bath.

Modern Classics: Bath Toys
10/18/12 06:49 PM

I don't love licensed characters, though I also don't dress my kids in shirts that say GAP on them. I have a general distaste for Disney so I think that taints a lot of my views on the licensed items.
I do buy my boys (all 4 of them) batman, superman... and the like.

I won't buy licensed games, there are always other options. We have candyland, our 8 yr old will still play it but if it had the diego on it that he wanted when we got it I'm fairly certain he wouldn't.
I've also told other parents that have asked about gift ideas for bdays that games are good but the general ones, nothing licensed.

Elmo vs. Grover: My Ambiguous Disdain for Licensed Character Toys
2/28/12 03:31 PM

My sister and I loved the Berenstain Bears stories growing up, and today my boys enjoy them as well. However, I do not appreciate the religious angle the son added when he started writing with his mother after Stans death. They are published by a religious publisher and I will only buy the originals from the couple.

Many thanks to Stan and Jan for making memories for my sister and I as well as my sons and I.

Thank You Stan & Jan Berenstain
2/28/12 03:10 PM

What a bunch of pissy pants!
Homes designed 90 years ago don't work for the way we live today. Just as no one really drives a 90 year old car, or rarely even a 20 year old one for that matter, it's hard to live a quality life in your home if it simply doesn't function.

Thank you for preserving the functional parts of this home rather than simply razing it for a McMansion!

Before & After: A Newly Modern Austin Bungalow

1/12/12 01:12 PM

I am so happy to read comments from 2 posters that live nearby and can point out that that house stood as is long ago, perhaps even before the others we're so totally uniform.
I am sure when the owner sells it'll be made more "suitable" to the neighbourhood.

How Bold Would You Go?
1/12/12 12:54 PM

How is a lucite crib any worse than a wood crib? Just because it's different and not to your taste doesn't mean you need to break out the nasty!

2012 Trends: Lucite Furniture in the Nursery?
1/7/12 03:40 PM

We have four boys from 7 years to 11 months (today!) I have bins coming out the wazoo.
It's an ever evolving system, but I think we've pretty much got it sorted now. #2 is tall and thin so #1's clothes just go directly into closet #2 once outgrown.

Our bins are large, and labeled, but it's still a big job going through all that stuff, throw in a season change (mostly summer to winter up here in Alberta) and it's a mind numbing soul crushing time sucking job.
The first two are July/February babies so for #2's first (full) winter I just bought about 6 long sleeved onesies for him to wear under #1's short sleeve hand me downs. Saved time, money and space, trifecta of brilliance!

I also buy things out season (I got 2 Columbia winter coats this year for $15 each) and don't worry much about fit because it's bound to fit someone eventually.

I always have small boxes in rotation. One for each kid, as they outgrow an item it's put in the box, then I do a big box-bin sort every few months. There is also always a box for the thrift shop because as you mentioned, there are some items I know I'm not going to put on any of the other boys.

Tips For Organizing Baby Clothes
1/7/12 03:36 PM

Great mitten clips can be found through this company.
We have 3 pairs, love that they snap together so you're not always losing one.

How To Repurpose an Event Badge as Mitten Clips
11/25/11 06:59 PM

I've been tasked with supplying the dessert/fruit for my eldest sons class christmas party. I think they'll love these!

Look! Make Edible Bowls with a Muffin Tin
11/21/11 05:48 PM

That's kind of silly.
Unless that gate is bolted to the floor those kids could knock it over in one solid wrestling match.
They don't provide any privacy anyway.
I don't know what I'd do instead, as our 4 boys share 2 rooms that aren't big enough to have any kind of divider anyway.
Maybe a curtain on a hospital style track? Drop the curtain so that it's a good 12-18" from the ceiling and light can still get through.

Doesn't help with sound at all, but would visually divide at least.

Using Baby Gates To Divide A Room
IKEA Family Live

11/10/11 03:09 PM

Not as an excuse so much as just plain fact. My husband went to a wedding open house for someone he works with that was adults only and I stayed home with our 4 young boys. I wouldn't pay a sitter so I could go to something I wasn't REALLY interested in.

Do You Use Your Kids As An Excuse To Not Attend Boring Parties?
11/9/11 02:33 PM

Drop side cribs can be safely rigged to be stationary, perhaps this parent rigged it down rather than up.
With the side down there appears to be loads of space to remove the baby without hitting their head, you know, like how we manage to put kids into car seats just fine without decapitating them with the roof of the car?

They're Never Too Young To Sleep In Bunkbeds
House To Home

11/9/11 02:23 PM

I did this but attached it to our screen door rather than the storm door. Had to reposition it though when I saw it from the street. The eyes were on either side of the bottom of the door knocker...

Frankenstein Your Front Door
My Life and Kids

11/1/11 11:01 PM

Norwex makes great toothbrushes with removable heads (the base has silver in it) but the catch is that they don't make them for kids, choking hazard.

Preserve Jr. Recycled Toothbrush
11/1/11 10:58 PM

We rarely have a paid babysitter anymore (thanks cousins!) but when we did I'd generally have a big supper meal at lunch time then just have her give them a typical lunch sandwich for supper.

Easy Babysitter Recipes

10/24/11 02:40 PM

Photo 16, the screws.
So I'm a little ocd, it appears I'm in good company!
I love the feel of this kitchen so much that it's served as inspiration for our new kitchen to come.

Lauren and Kyle's Sleek, Warm Seattle Kitchen
Kitchen Tour

9/2/11 02:31 PM

I about 100% certain the "decorating your daughters locker" part actually means buying the stuff and her doing it.
Really, I think only home schooled kids would let their parents near their lockers.

Will You Be Decorating Your Daughter's Locker?
The Mouthy Housewives

9/1/11 05:55 PM

*environmentally friendly*

Paul & Jackie's Modern Rochester Ranch
House Tour

8/31/11 12:06 PM