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I have felt the pain. I lived most of my life in either Toronto or Vancouver and housing prices are just insane. Fabulous cities, but once you get through with rent and Canadian taxes, you are sunk. My husband wound up with a job in Grand Rapids five years ago (I said Grand what?). I came here sight unseen, but it is so cheap to live here, I can now afford to travel more and actually have money to spend. Last week the today show named Grand Rapids the number one place to buy a house. We paid $120,000 for a four bedroom house - about 1,600 sq. ft. In a desirable area close to downtown that was in pretty nice shape (built 1929). Anyway, I was prepared to hate living in a smaller town in Michigan, but it's actually a pretty cool town and hey, I like not being broke!

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How Long Can We Keep This Up?

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