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A little too perfect for me, no delightful surprises. Makes me yawn. There is definitly "too monochromatic" the bedroom is well done but what does it have to do with fall, it makes me think of a dreary winter drizzle. I realize it's well done, but I don't get any sense of the person who lives there. Only that they look at decorating magazines. And to Jenny, what universe are you from??? The bed is supposed to look like that! And yes, EVERYONE has that London poster, it's as trite as a Van Gogh.
Cat is cute though!

Apartment Therapy - #5 - Melissa's Color Extensions
10/4/07 01:35 PM

Everything is too small, needs some large pieces to give presence. The kitchen chair at the piano made me cringe, although I love the artwork above. STUFFED ANIMALS? What are you, 12? Time to put them in the closet.

Apartment Therapy - #6 - Amber in Norfolk's Tiffany Smile
10/4/07 01:21 PM

Loved the stairs! The rest was boring, boring, boring!

Apartment Therapy - #6- Jess is Color Confident
10/4/07 01:15 PM

HATED IT!!! Way too cluttered. Makes me claustrophibic just to look at it. The smaller the space the more serene it should be, not as if you fell into a junk shop. Also, did the hammock chair come from your college dorm? The sofa is pathetic, nice lines, but so worn. Slipcover?

Apartment Therapy - #3 - Alex and Jessica's Bold Bungalow
10/4/07 01:09 PM

Amazing use of color blending with a fresh new look. Being able to pull off a professional look on a shoe-string budget is a gift. Every room should have a little whimsy. The little Swedish red pig candlesticks hit just the right note. The paintings in the bedroom are inspiring. Even a non-artist like me can enlarge, trace and fill in with paint! LOVE the red chandelier!

Apartment Therapy - Fall Colors Contest Roundup: 10.3.07
10/4/07 01:05 PM