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For a great parmesan substitute, I use a variation of the "poor man's parmesan." Throw some bread and nutritional yeast flakes in a blender and blend until crumbly. Sautee in a generous amount of olive oil (or safflower oil) until browned. I sprinkle it on all my pasta dishes - so yummy that it has become more dear to me than parmesan ever was!

On Doing Without Dairy
3/28/11 10:22 AM

This is exactly why I broke down and bought a clothes tree. It hangs out in the corner right by my closet and if it's a late night or if it's a pair of jeans I'll wear again before I wash, then the clothes just get hung on the tree. You can also get a free-standing coat rack with two tiers of hooks for the same purpose.

I chose this one and put it on top of a drawer on the floor to make it a bit higher. I love it!'s-Clothes-Tree/Detail

How To Put Your Clothes Away Each Day | Apartment Therapy Boston
2/2/10 08:54 PM