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Is this actually for sale somewhere? If so, can someone provide a link. I think it's genius and I'd buy one of each.

Bring Back the Bar: Soap Flakes by Nathalie Stämpfli
1/12/11 10:59 AM

Please share the name of the bedroom paint color. It's gorgeous!

Caitlin and Levi's Youthful Loft with His and Hers Offices
House Tour

1/10/11 06:57 PM

Blarg, your comment made me laugh out loud! Nothing motivates me more than seeing someone else's messy or dirty house...yuck!

How To: Motivate Yourself to Clean | Apartment Therapy Chicago
1/3/10 05:45 PM

I'm with MKQ- I love my Miele canister vaccum too. It's amazing for a small space with a lot of hard wood or tile floors. It's lightweight, powerful and so quiet I could even talk on the phone while I run it. The best $ I ever spent on a cleaning appliance.

How To: Keep Floors Clean Without Cleaning Too Much | Apartment Therapy Chicago
1/3/10 05:26 PM

Here's another handy use for used dryer sheets: run them across your tile floor and they will pick up any hair or dust on the floor. I have long hair and doing this keeps hair from accumulating before I have time to vaccum and mop.

Bathroom Cleaning Tips Solutions.com | Apartment Therapy Chicago
1/3/10 05:19 PM

Most of my decorating happens like this. When inspiration strikes I have to act immediately, or I could lose my motivation... Where's the after pic?

Spur of the Moment Decorating | Apartment Therapy Chicago
12/14/09 09:47 PM

The ironwork on the fence in your yard is absolutely beautiful and I love your colorful, somewhat wild landscaping!

Steve and Nancy's Vintage Sunset Inspired Home House Tour | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
12/10/09 04:30 PM