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WOW! can we say "uptight"? I instantly thought these were pretty dang creative, and just a wee bit spooky. But I like a bit of eerie with my kitschy. I think this world is big enough for all kinds of design. Can I get a "hell yeah" from the freaky-mask-light lovers out there?

Apartment Therapy New York | Philippe Starck's Mask Sconces At Mama Shelter
11/11/08 10:19 AM

i adore Suzi! she's even been kind enough to lock me in her shop once! and yeah . . . it WAS a bit like the movie "Mannequin". great style and such amazing pieces with some dark edge to balance the antique glamour.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Midwest Finalist - Suzi's L.E.S. Meets Le Marais
5/16/08 06:38 AM

the large painting looks strangely like the cover art for the latest A&F Quarterly with it's semi-nude athletic men. just a guess, but that's what came to me instantly.

Apartment Therapy New York | Hell's Kitchen Artist Loft New York Magazine 5.19.08
5/15/08 08:07 AM

i would bow down and worship absolutely ANYTHING that Mr. Oldham touches. he is fearless and fabulous and a design icon. i've adored him ever since his early days on MTV's House of Style with Todd Time.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Blogging...Todd Oldham's Photography Portfolio
2/14/08 08:21 AM

these would NEVER pass the harsh judgement of a 'true minimalist' but i think there is just something about them that really rocks my world. besides, i could never describe my tastes as 'minimal'. i'm much better at the "more is MORE" aesthetic.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | New from Sarah Cihat
2/14/08 08:17 AM

who DOESN'T love high-gloss white spray paint?

check out the clip at the below link:

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look! Kristan Cunningham's house tour on Rachel Ray Show
2/8/08 09:29 AM

My grandfather who was a carpenter used to take slices of wood like these and attach clock workings and simple gold or brass upholstery tacks around the outer edge to make wall clocks. Little did I know grandpa was SO ahead of the fashion curve!

Apartment Therapy - Fallen tree cutting boards
11/8/07 09:33 AM

I would fill the area with vintage mirrors in ornate gilded frames and of course some candles. It would give a nice focal point for a room without a fireplace. And I of course thought of making it an art alcove with a great large scale canvas.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: What To Do With This Alcove?
11/8/07 09:28 AM

this is what wood looks like in the movie Tron.

Apartment Therapy - Lars ContzenSlinks: (slingks) Surreptitious web links to other good sites
10/31/07 09:05 AM

i actually can't remember when i had my bed up against the wall last. i love having my bed float in the center (or nearly centered) of the room. especially in the summer when the curtains can blow in the breeze. i feel like i'm on my own private island every night.

Apartment Therapy - Floating the Bed
10/29/07 04:55 AM

I'm thinking you could build the structure out of wood, fill in the junctions with silicone caulk and then use metallic shrink wrap film and a heat gun to "chrome" the entire thing.

Apartment Therapy - Arik Levy's Rock Tables
10/26/07 05:46 AM

have it framed "floating" on a darker brown matte in a brilliant blue frame to keep with the original colors, but update the piece a bit.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: How Would You Frame This Painting?
10/15/07 07:04 AM

if the name sounds familiar it's because she is part of the band Adult along with her husband. regardless of how much i like their music, i LOVE her photography. very Hitchcockian and moody.

Apartment Therapy - Nicola Kuperus' Color-Rich Photographs
10/11/07 07:57 AM

i have been saving AOL and other CD-Roms that come in the mail for JUST this purpose. i also save all the CDs that i mess up when making mixes for friends. i spray paint the label side and leave the data side with its rainbow effect. you could cover the CD with felt or vintage wallpaper too for variety. i actually turned my ceiling fan into a mobile using matte white painted CDs. of course i didn't turn the fan on . . . that would've been a disaster.

Apartment Therapy - J Schatz Happening Curtains
10/4/07 06:35 AM