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This vegan kale caesar is great! I like to make the dressing ahead of time and toss it with the salad right before serving:

Ideas for Make-Ahead Vegan Dishes for Spring? Good Questions
3/18/13 03:10 PM

I'll also add to the list! Beet & Walnut pesto (makes for lovely and hot pink pasta).

17 Hot Pink Recipes from The Kitchn
Recipe Roundup

2/10/13 12:25 PM

My go-to meatloaf recipe is a Fennel and Kale Meatloaf with Bacon. It's the perfect comfort food! -

Just Like Mom's & Beyond: 10 Recipes for Delicious Meatloaf
3/20/12 03:19 PM

@art_brutale - I got the glass & cork storage containers at various thrift stores. I wish I was more help or knew the brand! I just pick them up whenever I see them.

Lindsay's Light & Lovely Rental Kitchen
Kitchen Tour

2/21/12 07:49 PM

Thanks for the kind words, everyone!!!

Debbie, the wall shelf is a Norden Occasional Table from IKEA ( It works perfectly for a bit of extra coutner and storage space in my kitchen!

Lindsay's Light & Lovely Rental Kitchen
Kitchen Tour

2/14/12 01:07 PM

I would try to re-hydrate it with some stock (chicken, beef, etc) and possibly some pork fat. I'd shred the leftovers, and cook them in a pot with onions, garlic, stock, and various other veggies (and pork fat? maybe some bacon?).

And then I'd turn it into a pot pie. :)

Here's this pork & apple pot pie with biscuit topping (you could skip the first few steps -- as your pork is already cooked). I think this would work nicely!

What Can I Do With Dry, Overcooked Pork Leftovers?
Good Questions

12/29/11 02:24 PM

My husband makes the Morganthaler recipe all the time, and we can't go back to "normal" tonic. This stuff is SO good. Mind you, this makes a tonic "syrup" and you have to add soda water (and gin, of course). Cinchona bark is hard to come by, but it is the natural source of quinine and I think it makes this particular tonic recipe special (you can order it online, though!).

Oh, and note about this tonic -- it will make your gin & tonic (or vodka) look a little bit "muddy" as opposed to the clear tonic everyone is used to. Fear not, this is how it is supposed to look. But, it tastes fabulous.

Looking for a Good Recipe for Homemade Tonic Water
Good Questions

12/22/11 04:29 PM

These are the coolest mugs of all time.

Win This Pantone Universe Bone China Mug Set from PopDeluxe!
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12/16/11 02:16 PM

This chair is fab.

Win This Relax Chair from Spinnaker!
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12/6/11 02:36 PM


Win This Turkish Patchwork Kilim from Nomad Rugs!
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12/1/11 02:26 PM

I use the radish leaves to make pesto, and then slice the radishes (among other things) into a pesto pasta salad!

Radish Leaf and Hazelnut Pesto Pasta Salad:

Help! What Can I Do With a Surplus of Radishes?
Good Questions

11/17/11 05:53 PM

I make a radish leaf and hazelnut pesto that's fannnntastic. I love mixing & matching various greens, nuts, and hard cheeses to come up with interesting pesto combinations.

Beyond Basil: Fresh Ideas for Pesto
8/31/11 10:57 AM

Such a helpful post. Love this. I've not seen a few of these, so I'll definitely add them to my queue!

Also, if you dislike/disagree with the suggestions in this post, you should give your own helpful suggestions rather than give the editors a hard time. Just a thought! :)

On Demand: 10 Food Movies & TV Shows on Netflix Instant
6/10/11 01:13 PM

I could have sworn The Kitchn had a recipe for Maraschino cherries that called for sour cherries but I don't see it here. Maybe it was elsewhere, but if you have it I would LOVE the link as I've been dying to make my own.

Precious & Brief! Recipes for Sour Cherry Season
6/3/11 02:08 PM

A spring pesto pasta salad - with peas, asparagus, mint, etc. You can make it creamy w/ nonfat greek yogurt (or skip yogurt entirely). And I generally use whole wheat noodles. Its my go-to potluck dish. :)

(This is my recipe:

Looking for Best Fresh Recipes for a Healthy Potluck Party
Good Question

5/2/11 05:22 PM

I love that you're celebrating your city and its produce! Gorgeous photos, simple recipe. It looks stunning.

Restaurant Recipe: Wild Ramp Lemon Risotto from DOC
4/20/11 05:38 PM

I love, love love deviled much so that I own not one, but two vintage deviled egg plattesr. :) Here are a few of my faves:
*Deviled quail eggs with wasabi and lemon (photo:
*Harissa deviled eggs with parsley and greek yogurt: (recipe)
*Deviled eggs with smoked salmon, creme fraiche and spicy mustard (sadly I don't have a recipe for this one!)

Happy Spring: 5 Deviled Egg Recipes
4/14/11 10:54 AM

I put peas in my creamy pesto pasta salad. Its easy and so tasty.

What Are Some Good Recipes with Fresh Peas?
Good Questions

4/6/11 11:28 AM

I gave out homemade mustard for Christmas gifts this year! Mine was a Spicy brown mustard (that uses dark beer...mmmm). (Recipe:

I can't wait to try these!

6 DIY Mustard Recipes

3/3/11 04:28 PM

My absolute fave vegan lunch and a staple in my lunch rotation (and I'm not even vegan! its just SO good) is this vegan caesar salad (adapted from 101 cookbooks). The capers are the secret ingredient that give it that salty/briny taste...Recipe:

10 Vegan Lunch Ideas
1/14/11 02:15 PM