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Our strategy sounds a lot like what you've done so far. We incorporated foods from my husband's home (Peru) but they didn't dominate the menu. Our July wedding was held less than a block from the great Madison, WI farmers market, so we let a lot of local veggies shine. For the appetizers, we kept everything hand-held (two types of skewers and one mini sandwich) and went for a mix of savory and sweet (-ish). I made the cakes using a recipe I often use and that freezes well. Our caterer is more well known for their popular restaurant, so for the non-peruvian food, we laid out guidelines and they presented dishes that they already made regularly that fit our guidelines. We chose from those and made the caterers aware of any dislikes. With a good caterer, they should be flexible and really listen to what you want. As a food-lover, you'll know when some idea doesn't sound like it fits in your dream meal.
Since it sounds like you're working with locally sourced produce, it's important to check with your caterer about what substitutions might need to be made if, for instance, it just isn't a good year for wild mushrooms, and they're too pricey/hard to find. Confirm whether or not they'll clear their substitutions with you, and by what date the menu will actually be set (especially important if you're printing menus.) (The sickly sweet fig jam our caterers served with my cake instead of the sour cherries they couldn't find still makes me mad...)

How Did You Plan Your Wedding Menu? It's Trickier Than I Expected
5/14/14 03:54 PM

So great to see a Madison (or any midwestern) home featured! I think something about the city often permeates interior design, so it's nice to have such a lovely example from the city I call home. I'll certainly be checking out SWAP as my husband and I shop for furniture for our new apartment.

Professor Ramzi's Playful Madison Home House Tour
4/28/14 06:29 PM

Mustard yellow was one of my wedding colors, and boy is it hard to describe and get an accurate match to. I wanted something like the 2nd photo, though a little more muted, but I could only find bright marigolds or very olive-y mustards. Many things (like bridesmaid dresses) that I would have wanted in mustard yellow ended up being my other color, a dark teal (which is much easier to describe and find a good match for.)

Paint Color Profile: Mustard Living Rooms
9/21/13 01:11 PM

When I prepare dinner on plates in the kitchen, I'll often put a little more on my fiance's plate (or less of the foods he doesn't like as much.) He usually doesn't notice the difference in food, but I often lay out a fork on each of our plates, with the salad fork plate being mine, and the full-size fork being his. I'm a big fan of eating with salad forks and teaspoons.

Are Salad Forks & Teaspoons Outmoded?
7/21/12 11:04 PM

my favorite naturally gluten-free dessert is Jacques Pepin's individual chocolate (lava) cakes (made in muffin-tins) with apricot-cognac sauce. the weirdest ingredient is cornstarch, and they're easy to make. find the recipe here:

Easy, Everyday Desserts That Happen to Be Gluten-Free?
Good Questions

9/23/11 03:51 PM

Growing up my dad made bread-machine bread all of the time. And the two ends of the bread are vastly different: one is dry and mangled by removing it from the kneading mechanism (what I called the heel, and never ate) and the other is light, puffy, and perfectly golden (I called this one the toe of the bread and it was my favorite part).

Survey: Do You Eat the Heel of the Bread Loaf?
8/25/10 02:40 PM

My roommate recently brought me back a beautiful apron from Germany. I'd be happy to get some great aprons from different countries.

5 Souvenir Ideas for Food-Lovers and their Kitchens | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
7/8/10 01:35 PM

I love mixing in chunks of goat cheese and lots of green veggies. Surprisingly, I've found that steamed (al dente) broccoli goes great with goat cheese and scrambled eggs.

A Little Of This, A Little Of That: Scrambled Egg Add-Ins | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
5/13/10 11:35 AM

Those in Wisconsin should try the skatewing at Sardine in Madison. I had my leftovers for lunch today... phew... what a delectable dish! It's pan-fried and crispy, served with a caper butter sauce and broccoli rabe. So. Good.

What's the Best Way to Cook and Enjoy Skate? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
5/10/10 01:17 PM

I freeze homemade sourdough pancakes all the time. In fact, I took a toasted pancake and peanut butter sandwich with me when I walked to class this morning. The sourdough pancakes are a little more sturdy than regular pancakes, so they work great as a hand-held snack.

Good Idea: Toaster Pancakes | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
2/2/10 03:50 PM

I made this cake this weekend! I also made Sauté de Boeuf à la Bourguignonne, and it was a huge hit, and so easy!

What is Your Favorite Julia Child Recipe? | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
2/1/10 12:06 AM