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It's important to differentiate between projected capacitive and surface capacitive.

The iphone/ipad are projected capacitive. An array of conductive channels are encased within glass (or other material) and the change in capacitance across the sensing channels is used to determine location.

The self-checkout kiosks at many grocery stores, and also the Blockbuster kiosks and some gaming terminals (gambling), use surface capacitive. This is a single coating of conductive material (ITO) across glass, or other material, where the surface is driven at the corners with a known current. As you touch the sensor, you will draw different amounts of current from each corner. This difference is used to determine your position.

How Touchscreens Work
1/28/11 01:57 PM

I'm a little late to the party, but analog resistive panels are easy to integrate into a standard monitor.

Jaco Electronics provides sensors, and removing the plastic bezel is child's play.

Otherwise, if you wast a real iPhone-like design you can get a projected capacitive development kit from and make your own tablet with a small display.

The DIY Touch Screen Kitchen Computer
1/28/11 01:54 PM

Thanks for the great suggestions!

Most of the options I am finding are upwards of $5/sq ft, which breaks my budget for the tiny 48 sq ft space. : (

The rolled rubber is still my front-runner for cost. The 6x8 ft recycled PET indoor/outdoor carpet section was under $30.

Eco-Friendly, Non-Permanent Flooring For Rental Kitchen?
Good Question

12/8/10 11:50 AM

I was thinking about using ecofelt and trying this for a bathroom floor mat. I figure it wouldnt get dirty often, made of recycled PET it could be easily laundered and hung up to dry very quickly (unlike wool felt) AND i could make it in a coordinating color with the fabric screen tutorial listed a while ago! Any reason this wouldn't work well as a bathroom mat? Especially if the layers were sewn together?

How To: Make a Felt Kitchen Mat | Apartment Therapy Boston
12/8/09 01:24 PM