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This is FANFREAKINTASTIC! I love the creativity of "designing" your own furniture upholstery (such as it is), and I love the paint colors throughout the house, the wallpapers, and pretty much everything else. And, what a cool idea is that to store small toys in ziploc bags hung on a pegboard??!! No wonder Ms. Bell made millions...with such a creative mind she apparently cannot only think outside the box, she can build a whole new box! Her home is an eternal celebration. I bet there's lots of laughter going on in there.

Apartment Therapy New York | Kid-Centric Townhouse in the East Village The New York Times 7.10.08#
7/10/08 01:08 PM

Plus, I would still like to know what the paint colors are 'cuz I am so liking this combination I want to use it myself!

Apartment Therapy - #4 - Colormyworld's Awakening
10/3/07 01:22 PM

I totally agree with whatisthat. The contest is about using color and one can comment that these particular colors don't appeal to them without being snide. I found several of the comments loaded with pretentiousness as if the writers thought they were trained interior designers....

Apartment Therapy - #4 - Colormyworld's Awakening
10/3/07 01:18 PM

I love the colors in the living room/dining room combination and would really like to know the details of the paint - brand, color name or #, etc.

Apartment Therapy - #4 - Colormyworld's Awakening
10/3/07 10:26 AM