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Now that's what I'm talking about! Love it. Too bad most people like to vote for all the homes that already have all the cool furniture.

Apartment Therapy Boston | East #8: Gigistephiez's Color with Conscience
10/2/08 01:07 PM

You have a beautiful home, but this is why I'm not entering this's about colors, not just design. Love your peacock blue. Go a little crazy in the rest of your home. You won't regret it!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Northwest #2: Shannon's Bright and Blue
10/2/08 01:05 PM

ooh! I just had an idea for you. What if you were to incorporate the brown woodwork color? Either with paint (another stripe?) or accessories (like a slip cover?). It's not an entirely terrible color, and would look nice with the blue.

Apartment Therapy - #38- The Muscial Artist's High Energy Home
10/26/07 12:49 PM

After this year's fall colors contest I've decided I absolutely hate striped walls. They look even worse with artwork that is hung on top of them with complete disregar to the stripes themselves. However, I think these examples work. In the first, the stripes are the primary design element and also sort of match the wood floor. In the second, I think they're really important to the sort of classical greek feel of the room and carry you from one part of the room to another.

Apartment Therapy - Horizontal Stripes, Part II
10/26/07 12:46 PM

I wouldn't be able to sit in your dining room and not stare at the two people gettin' it on. Ha ha. Just kidding. Love it.

Apartment Therapy - #19 - Teu's Antidote for Rain
10/25/07 01:04 PM

Aww thanks guys for the nice comments. I have to admit, after reading the comments on a few other places, I was a little worried.

Ok, SO the paint colors that I do remember are...
Kitchen: Pear Green (Benjamin Moore). Living room: Porch Swing Blue (Martha Stewart) Bedroom: some pearescent color from Benjamin Moore (can't remember which, but there aren't that many). Studio: antiquity (Sherwin Williams). I feel really bad that I can't remember the Hallway color (or find the swatch at the moment). I do know that is was from Lowe's and I'll never buy paint there again. They ran out of eggshell when I was about a quart away from finishing. It's a little thin in places..grrr

Annyway, 'bout the furniture, my couch is from Nebraska Furniture Mart. Living in Kansas City we have no Ikea, no H&M, no nothing. The only the we have that is special is NFM. We are very deprived. It was very cheap, and there's probably no way you would recognize it. My coffee table was purchased from urban outfitters when I got online one day and noticed they were having a 30% off everything sale. I like it. And it goes with my lone CB2 purchase (my lamp).

Thanks again for all your comments. This has been fun!

Apartment Therapy - #34- Elizabeth's Color Moods
10/25/07 12:41 PM

Shawnee eh? That's like two JoCo homes in two days! I like your chairs. It's too bad you rent, or else I'd say paint that woodwork!

Apartment Therapy - #38- The Muscial Artist's High Energy Home
10/25/07 12:27 PM

it's nice, people live here? kind of looks like a work space (a really cool workspace)

Apartment Therapy - #35- JD Design's Wow Factor
10/24/07 11:05 AM

oops. Bonus points to anyone who can find all the typos in my comment...why can't I delete those things?!

Apartment Therapy - #34- Elizabeth's Color Moods
10/24/07 10:34 AM GET OUT. Yours is MY (along with everyone elses)

I'll have to get back to you all on all the swatch colors. I'm not too great at remember that sort of stuff. The paintings in the last picture, the bedroom, and over the couch are all done by me. I'm too poor right now to buy any art done buy other people EXCEPT for the print in the hallway. It's by the artist "kirinco" on etsy.

Apartment Therapy - #34- Elizabeth's Color Moods
10/24/07 10:33 AM

I wanna see the pink!!

Apartment Therapy - #33 - Jamie's Pink Argument
10/24/07 08:32 AM

Given the guidlines of this contest, I have no idea why it has so many "long-shot" votes. I think your colors are amazingly "bold, beautiful and colorful". Maybe I missed the part about your apartment having to be well designed and trendy as well...and have tourquoise walls.

Insta-finalist from me!

Apartment Therapy - #33- Greenschmoops' Sunny Weather
10/24/07 05:51 AM

AWWW! Your wittle puppy looks just like a sausage!!

I like that you used the sky as one of your colors, but I also kind of wish I could see what color that part of your home is.

Apartment Therapy - #15 - Jigglyphurbs' Instinctive Colors
10/22/07 11:28 AM

you win.

David Bowie Purple=perfection

Apartment Therapy - #9 - Samantha and Jacob's Celebration of Color
10/12/07 11:10 AM

Really like all your tile (even the crazy purple! It's fun!) and your blue room peeking through there. I really don't see what's so wrong with decorating your house to it's surroundings. When I moved into my 1950's style ranch I suddenly had the compulsion to buy everything and anything mid-century modern. Maybe the house LIKES being decorated in Southwest colors.

People always lose their manners when it comes to the internet. I guess they don't think it's personal since they're is personal to the homeowner though.

Apartment Therapy - #8 Susan's Desert Hideaway
10/12/07 08:55 AM

I like your bedroom. It makes me want to take a nap (that's a good thing). Let's hope you're not the only Kansas Kid representin' (I'm from Roeland Park and submitted my photos a couple days ago)

Apartment Therapy - #12- Voyager's Accessorize With Color
10/11/07 01:34 PM

Are they joking about a cat? Don't they know you don't arrange cats? It's looks like we have the same kitchen color. Love it.

Apartment Therapy - #7 Karyn and Eric's Domestic Bliss
10/10/07 05:47 PM

I bought the green Method soap to match my green kitchen too! Love green in the kitchen.

Apartment Therapy - #11 - Jodi's Contrasting Accents
10/9/07 11:50 AM

Is that a Missoni rug in your bedroom??? Droool

Apartment Therapy - #10 - Lorie09's Traditional Wake Up Call
10/9/07 10:17 AM

(that color yellow I mean)

Apartment Therapy - #4- Glint421's Not-Black-and-White Casa
10/4/07 12:55 PM