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Just lovely, one of my favorites thus far.

Apartment Therapy - #13 - Dldawson's Ever Changing Moods
10/11/07 08:42 AM

Very lovely, it feels so inviting.
Great work with the photography too.

Apartment Therapy - #8- John's Bold, Bright, Day or Night
10/9/07 06:07 PM

This is lovely.

Apartment Therapy - #9 - Nathaniel Keith's Blue Period
10/6/07 05:48 AM

I love this, it's just the right amount of bright colors without going over the top.

Apartment Therapy - #7- Michael and Mindy's Sunny Chicago Loft
10/5/07 09:55 AM

I love the painting in the entry way, as well as the splashes of red that pop up here and there.

Apartment Therapy - #4- Catiaelizabeth's Instantly Feels Like Home
10/3/07 12:25 PM

Looks like a very calming and relaxing space.
I also love the simplicity of things, nothing to over the top.

Very Nice.

Apartment Therapy - #5 - Melissa's Color Extensions
10/3/07 12:23 PM

Not only do you have an amazing view, but you have a gorgeous living space as well.

Apartment Therapy - #1- Jason's Lofty View
10/3/07 07:49 AM

This is just lovely.
I love the vibrant colors with the white, it's a very nice balance. A bit too much fiesta above the window, but everything else is lovely.

Apartment Therapy - #2 - Aja's Anti-Depressive Kitchen
10/3/07 07:42 AM