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Ever notice how Edina Monsoon discovers a new "big" word in her vocabulary and just seems to latch onto it and use it over and over and over. Today's Edina big word is:Preposterous.

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10/31/07 04:57 PM



The latest storm to hit AT has been called Edina.

Apartment Therapy - Survey Roundup: The Comment Question
10/31/07 02:29 PM



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10/31/07 02:22 PM



Apartment Therapy - #19- Sparkle's Bold and Expressive bedroom
10/31/07 02:15 PM

To Edina and the rest of the so-called interior design experts:
Interior design, like fashion design, like graphic design, like automotive design, like architectural design, is all based on one thing; personal taste.
I have read pretty much everyone's comments; both the good, the bad and the ugly and have come to this conclusion: You people are mean. There is enough hatred; enough cold-hearted comments, enough blatant, hurtful words to fill a book here.
I entered this "contest" because I felt my home was "colorful." I'm not an expert. I don't brag about being an expert. And most contestants I'm thinking, aren't interior designer by trade. Again, interior design isn't something that is learned. Their is no right or wrong when it just feels that particular person. Period. So I'm just amazed at the comments from Edina (check out her profile/negative vs positive comments) who comes off as "God of Interior Design." It's one thing to "hate" someone else's tastes, but do you really need to add the little "extra jabs and stabs"?
You verbally beat people up. And after you beat them up, you verbally spit on them. And after you spit on them, you tell them how low they are and you verbally kick their lifeless (insecure) bodies into the gutter. Yes, you can be constructively negative. But do you really need to be so harsh that you come off as the Interior Design Nazi? Is that what you want the design community to remember you for?
Edina (and we don't if you are the Lesbo from Hell or just a woman who was abused as a child), where did all of this anger come from? Have you ever thought to seek counseling to help you; anger management? I'm not "picking" on just you, Edina Monsoon. There are other just like you, who also make this website/forum what it has become today. Like DuckDJLuckie or whatever your screen name is. You're a bad seed too. Got hit by daddy's belt once too often, I'm thinking. My point is; there is hatred in our world. There are people killing people for nothing. Lets not make this website a place for more hatred. Lets try to be a little more kinder and tactful with our words. Think and reread what you write before pushhing that Submit Comment button. Why can't we all.....just get along!!

Apartment Therapy - AT Survey: Are Comments for You?
10/28/07 02:04 PM

DJluckyonline was an abused child.

Apartment Therapy - #29 - Vinnike99's Recreated Experience
10/23/07 01:34 PM

More comments on the color and less on the dog and the dog art. Geez!

Too many close up photos. Would be nice to see the entire rooms instead of focusing on tiny areas. Unless the big picture isn't that appealing.

Apartment Therapy - #26 - Traci Jeff's Historic Homage
10/19/07 03:44 PM

Somebody thought; "Hey, this lamp looks good in its wrapping paper."

Apartment Therapy - Hot or Not: Marcel Wanders' Zeppelin Lamp
10/19/07 03:39 PM

When Good Design Goes Bad.

Apartment Therapy - Sean Yoo's Opus Shelving at DWR
10/18/07 04:24 PM

Geez! And Edina thought my house was ugly? Edina?
ATTACK! (but in a positive way.)

Apartment Therapy - #25 - Lin and Rich's House of Color
10/18/07 04:20 PM

Lexmark X4550 Wireless Printer has my name
written all over it.

Lex = name of my dog

mark = my middle name

X = my shirt size

4550 = my age range (45-50)

Wireless = my phone company

Printer = my job

Apartment Therapy - Thursday Giveaway: Lexmark X4550 Wireless Printer
10/18/07 04:16 PM

I apologize angorian. You are totally right. This forum has turned into a insult match. I guess I got angered by Monsoon's comments; not only directed towards me but others as well.
I will cease with the personal attacks.

Edina, I apologize to you as well. You have every right to voice your opinions, however harsh they may come across.

Apartment Therapy - #16 - Emily G Goes Nuts
10/18/07 10:17 AM

Don't know if this is located in Northern CA, but I love the Coca-Cola Bottling Plant that was designed in the 1930's-40's in the shape of a cruise ship.

Apartment Therapy - Thursday Giveaway: NorCalMod
10/18/07 10:08 AM

"I learned about interior design,
furniture styles and colors by
attending RCCC."

— Edina Monsoon

Apartment Therapy - #12- Voyager's Accessorize With Color
10/17/07 06:33 PM

Edina Monsoon (aka, God of Style) has spoken.

Where were you the past couple of days? Registering for class (of which you have none) at RCCC?

Apartment Therapy - #16 - Emily G Goes Nuts
10/17/07 06:17 PM

Edina Monsoon was an abused child.

apartmenttherapy is hosting a new contest; it's called:
THE MEAN EDINA CONTEST. Best comeback for a Edina comment wins. So far, I think EmilyG is winning.

Apartment Therapy - #12- Voyager's Accessorize With Color
10/16/07 06:03 PM

TO ALL: Click on Edina Monsoon's profile/comments. She's not prejudiced; she hates just about everyone.

Hey, let's have a contest to come up with the best comebacks for Edina. We'll call it: The Annual Mean Edina Contest.

Here's one: "Life's A Bitch. So Is Edina."

Apartment Therapy - #16 - Emily G Goes Nuts
10/16/07 12:28 PM

Don't take it personal, Emily. Edina Monsoon (I'm still trying to figure out why her parents named her that) was probably abused (with a broom handle) as a child. Forgive her (or him?). For she (he) knows not what she (he) does. The worst critics are the one who live in mobile homes. Edina? Do you live in a home on wheels?

Apartment Therapy - #16 - Emily G Goes Nuts
10/16/07 12:18 PM

To Edina Monsoon (what kind of a name is that?):

I don't care what you "believe". Or what you "suspect." You haven't a clue about me or my living environment. In fact, I doubt you have a clue about anything. Go back to your ho-hum life or better yet, get one.

Apartment Therapy - #4 - Colormyworld's Awakening
10/16/07 12:07 PM

That was then. This is now. Styles change. Minds change. To everything, turn, turn, turn. (I don't know what I'm saying here!)

Apartment Therapy - #4 - Colormyworld's Awakening
10/9/07 05:26 AM