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besimple: I'm currently living in Orlando, and I'm picking up what you're putting down. I hunted for months (a luxury in itself, I know) to find my non-amenity 900sf apt downtown for 825. An absolute bargain in this town. As you said...it's Orlando and 450 sf studios are going for a grand. If we had some decent public transportation, local arts scene, un-incorporated culture, and local wages that weren't determined according to what "the mouse" is currently forcing 'cast members' to toil for, then I may be able to justify the rent rates and mortgage hikes just a tad in my bitter, southern mind. ;)

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2/26/08 07:17 AM

not to mention that I am sick of the comments I have witnessed on these boards for the past few years................................

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10/5/07 08:40 PM

aw... y'all are right! It's such a cozy melange of color, my reasoning was blinded!

or my shame is still the color of the puke that an infant raised on cheetos, funyuns, jerky and Five-Alive............and I am a fool.

Apartment Therapy - #4 - Colormyworld's Awakening
10/5/07 08:35 PM

"I found several of the comments loaded with pretentiousness as if the writers thought they were trained interior designers...."

umm....a few are...

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10/3/07 03:05 PM

Hailing from Orlando as well (I believe in one of the similiarly distinct 'historic Florida' hoods of the above entrant) and all I ask is that you do not judge our city by the above Pee-Wee's Playhouse abomination.
Seriously...we may be a bit backwoods, but some of us still believe in collecting colors and furnishing with a bit of history, quality, originality, and no god-forsaken-Rooms-To-Go pricetags attached.
I shudder....oh how I shudder and shall lay awake tonight guarding myself behind my mission era teak sideboard shrouded in coral dupioni silk.....

so sad that as a lurker of 3 years the above entry is what forced me to register.....

Apartment Therapy - #4 - Colormyworld's Awakening
10/2/07 03:28 PM