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As a production designer, it thrills me that viewers recognize the importance that color, furnishings, decor, sets, and textures contribute to the feeling of a film. Well done, AT readers!!!!!

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1/30/13 12:36 PM

We live in a completely homogonized world, where no matter where you live, there's a Target near by (thank god!) and the internet reaches no limits. To have something that is special, be it music, clothes, design, pattern, color, etc. is to say that you're carving out a niche that separates you from the masses. The problem, however, is that we're all part of the masses. I say find a way to make what you love your own. No one has ever walked into my 50's ranch filled with Midcentury Modern pieces and sighed, "How mainstream. What happened to you?" Why-becuase I like old things. I like clean lines. I like funky, eclectic, warm, organic, hand made, interesting artful things. Sure the wave of mcm is everywhere, but it fits with who I am and my tastes and how else can I make my 8' ceilings and open floor plan feel spacious? So many of us gravitate toward the same things, then complain once something is mainstream. Enjoy the things you surround yourself with and just let go of those ownership issues. It was never only yours. Or mine. Or theirs.

Design Hipsterism?
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7/19/12 03:06 PM