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Love her place! I used to live in Cap Hill and moved a little further south to Wash Park to grab a bigger place as we are having a baby - due next week. Cap Hill is definitely a more historic neighborhood and so friendly, and very young area for those of you interested in living in Denver. Denver has A LOT of transplants like Meagan - people who just pick up and relocate there - from the Midwest and many other places. It's kind of a running joke that you'll have a harder time finding an actual Colorado native here than someone who just picked up and moved out for the adventurous, outdoorsy lifestyle. :) And yes, we LOVE our dogs here! Again, love her place! Beautiful.

Megan's Mid-C + Modern Mix in Denver House Tour
2/20/14 01:50 PM

Is it possible that what they aren't considering with this analysis, is that most people have other debt? So maybe many people would be able to afford the homes mentioned on the salaries mentioned in each city, BUT most people have student loans, car loans, credit card debt, etc which makes it seem not feasible...? Just a thought.

How Much Do You Need to Make to Buy A Home in 25 Cities? Design News
2/20/14 11:37 AM

Our baby is due in less than two weeks, and I love these types of posts! I'm constantly battling with myself - trying to decide what we really need taking up space. Not to mention a lot of baby items are just expensive, and we want to buy a home this year! That said, we're definitely going to be flexible! Thank you for your post!

Lauren's List: Baby Items I'm Glad I Bought & Ones I Wish I Hadn't
2/19/14 04:10 PM

We LOVE Humble Pie Shop! Instead of birthday cake this year, I requested cherry or chocolate pie from there. It made my day!

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