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I guess I've read too many NFPA magazines, but all I see is a fire hazard. That would light up in a wall of fire if a flame hit it. Hopefully it isn't along an egress path.
I think the same thing when I see sheets and other fabrics draped across a wall or ceiling.

Otherwise it looks pretty cool.

Apartment Therapy - Look! Post-It Decor at Bri Chad's
11/21/07 12:26 PM

Wow! That looks just like my 24" Liebherr fridge - especially the interior shot.

Apartment Therapy - Slinks: Fagor's 24" Refrigeratorn. (slingks) Surreptitious web links to other good sites
10/9/07 02:09 PM

Regardless of the material, I think it they all look pretty ugly.

Apartment Therapy - AT Europe: Paris - Italian Bedding from Parentesi Quadra
10/5/07 01:48 PM

To get back on subject:

These aquariums (do I dare call them such) are stunning. I had a marine aquarium for quite a while, but if I get back into the hobby, I will go freshwater and use Amano's designs as, um, inspiration. OK, I'll probably blatantly copy one of those designs.


Apartment Therapy - Aqua Design Amano
9/10/07 01:52 PM