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I love that look above...with the long stained oak board. I picked up an mdf board on the streets of Brooklyn a few yrs ago. I loved it because it was about 84" long but only 18"-19" deep. It maximized the length of my office without cluttering a small corner. I like to have multiple stations on my desk, drafting/drawing, tech/digi, and model making/jewelry/craft. I had a rolling office chair so it was easy to move back and forth. I kept a large pegboard above to easily hang and access my tools-cables, hammers, screwdrivers, rulers, rolls of paper.

I got rid of it after I graduated art school and am on the never-ending search for my "post-college" sophisticated home office (no more chipped mdf bookshelf side panel!).

I recently found Ikea has the one I may get, its $55 bux-not too bad (saw it this weekend). So the renovation begins!

Gigantic Hacked IKEA Numerar Computer Desk | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
7/13/10 11:42 AM

I have a small picture frame for every morning inspiration (I have a picture of a mountainside in my moms home town in Vietnam) and the other I have a small Muji black rubber clock to keep track of time, plus the rubber provides a grip onto the surface. The holders look like little pedestals for my decorations.

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3/25/10 11:59 AM

I live in a back apartment on the first floor of a brownstone, I have an iPhone 3g w ATT. I get NO reception anywhere but near windows.

I bought a Bluetooth about four years ago for about a $100, for another phone, and use it w my iPhone. It has saved me so much trouble of having to stand by a window while talking and ALSO, my hands are free to do whatever! SOOO two for the price of one!

I never though have had the urge to take my Bluetooth remotely, I purely use it in my home. Say you do move, you still can use it in your new place for the sole reason of being hands free. Most Bluetooth's, good ones, tend to have about a 40-50 ft range and spend a decent amount on it. Nothing worse than using an earpiece that sounds and gets worse reception than your 1-bar of service phone. Use it anywhere in your home, given your home is as small as a NYC apt. :) I think Bluetooth is the best solution just because it has saved me so much hassle!

Good Luck!

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12/11/09 10:59 AM

If you look closely next time at the No. 5 Ker-chief, Nolita is spelled Norita :)

Don't know if that's a haha-"wonder if anybody catches it"- mistake, or a genuine typo. I think Norita makes it better :)

Holiday Gift Ideas from Muji Roundup | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
12/7/09 11:02 AM

No focal point.

Some great pieces, simple and material driven-the dining table, the occasional table, leather woven bench, and some other key pieces.

But just because you throw a bunch of eco-modern pieces in one room together doesn't mean they're cohesive in a space under the single notion that they're environmentally friendly. Cardboard chairs? Isn't the message SUSTAIN-ability? The last time i checked, cardboard isn't a material celebrated for its longevity and robustness.

Over-rated and ill-thought out.

Pratt Designers Furnish a Home — Part 1 House Tour | Apartment Therapy New York
12/3/09 10:30 AM