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I love the relaxed mood you have created Kay! The pops of color are especially great!

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5/29/09 02:58 AM

A huge congrats on your photo, Sandy!

I'm reading Unrooted Childhoods, Memoirs of Growing up Global, a collection of stories and reminiscences of children who have grown up all over the world.

Just got done with reading Death of a Red Heroine by Qiu Xiaolong, a Chinese detective novel. A fascinating read, with a lot of culture, history and poetry thrown in as well.

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4/30/09 10:52 PM

What a great home Ana! Love how you have incorporated color in your home!

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4/7/09 06:16 AM

I've been working from home for over 4 years now and I simply love it. I do have a proper routine of "getting ready" to work, which makes it easier to shift to work mode. I love being able to sneak in some TV time during lunch, and maybe even a nap on slow days. On the downside, I do end up working longer hours often and sometimes miss breaks. On the whole, I find it much better than getting up early, racing to eat breaka, endless commuting and coming home dead tired to make dinner. Working at home is much much better!

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3/5/09 02:38 AM

Fantastic Arch! I love everything about your new home! The colors and attention to detail are simply amazing and I love the feeling of warmth that is apparent in every corner. One can see how much you love your home and decorating it.

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2/14/09 12:57 AM

Definitely by category!!

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2/26/08 02:48 AM