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To residents of Bloomington, IN, it's well known that the Showers Brothers Furniture Company produced 50-60% of all US made furniture in the 1920's.

Unfortunately, the company shut down in the 50's and there are only a few buildings left from the original factory campus.

Pop Quiz: Which U.S. City Is Known as "Furniture City"?
9/29/12 08:11 PM


Should parents also not call their children by name when in public?

Before & After: From Worn-Out To Wonderful Tricycle Makeover
5/1/12 05:45 PM

I, for one, have no interest in wrapping irregular shaped objects, but in creating custom sized boxes. I ship objects of varying sizes, and to be able to create exactly what I need would save me from having to find or keep lots of different boxes on hand.

Universal Packaging System: Build Your Own Box in Any Shape
2/28/12 07:22 PM

When my girlfriend and I moved into our apartment we decided that we would gladly pay $10-15 more per month over two years if the few things we disliked were changed. With the landlord's permission, we painted white the ceiling, 70s wood paneling, and kitchen cabinets; put in a new shower head; installed some shelves; etc. All for less than the $250 we originally budgeted and we can take several of the items with us when we eventually move.

First Home Advice: Where Do Renters Draw the Line?
8/30/11 01:12 PM

which before pictures are you looking at, ladymantle? all i can see is a couple of ugly brick facades that were transformed in a beautifully modern living space.

Before & After: Bungalow Renovation by naturehumaine

2/24/11 04:42 PM

Unfortunately, the theory behind this idea is flawed. While it may work to cool one small location, it actually makes your house hotter. An air conditioner works be taking the heat energy from the air inside your house and dumping it outside. A fridge/freezer, however, is releasing that heat into your kitchen. Because nothing is 100% efficient, your freezer releases more heat energy than it takes out of the water to make the ice you're using to cool your home.

While I'm sure there are specific instances in which it may be more efficient to use a fan over ice, in general, it makes more sense just to use your air conditioner.

Beating the Heat with Low Tech: Bowl of Ice & a Fan
8/2/10 11:36 AM

This apartment is great. It's very well edited and I love all of the art.

One small quibble, though: American flags should always be displayed with the union to the viewer's upper left. United States Flag Code on Wikipedia. But it's not your fault you didn't know, your flag is symmetrical :)

An Englishman in New York House Tour | Apartment Therapy New York
6/28/10 04:39 PM