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Thanks again everyone for such positive comments. Here are the answers to today's questions:

Low Bookshelf: Ikea circa 1999

Dining Chairs: Coco from DWR

Colors: The main color is "Sterling", the blue walls are "Ocean View", the kitchen wall is "Pesto", and the bedroom is "Pewter Mug".

Above sofa: This is our seasonal wall hanging. It's printed fabric from Marimekko which we stretch over an art canvas. We changed the fabric last weekend on the equinox. One picture shows the spring/summer fabric (blue/green tones), the rest are the fall fabric (red/orange/green).

Above bookshelf: This is a scroll from an artist on We projected it onto the wall and outlined in pencil. Then we painted by hand. It wasn't easy.

Coat Closet: Actually, that's the entryway, and though no one specifically asked, the shoe bench is my own design and construction.

Rug: Yes, the Orleans from C&B. We just got it as a wedding present (we just got married). We love it.

Round mirror and liquor cabinet: Both from Ikea. The cabinet was marketed as a modular media cabinet. We opted for glass doors and booze.

Placemats and throw pillow: C&B "Latitude"

Lamps: The paper lamps are from Ikea. The reading lamp is from Target.

Wall tests: nope. We obsessed over paint chips and then the paint store was closed - we went Home Depot and got the next closest colors - totally happy with the results.

Apartment Therapy - #1 - Andrew Karen's Contrasting Condo
10/1/07 03:32 PM

Wow - thanks for all the positive comments so far. I'm at work right now and don't have time to answer all the questions, but I'll login tonight and do my best to answer everything.

Apartment Therapy - 1# - Andrew Karen's Contrasting Condo
10/1/07 09:34 AM