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I DISAGREE with all the comments about how this house is "too big" for this site. Whether a home is 500 square feet or 5000 square feet, there is always room for inspiration. Maybe you like a single painting or maybe you like a particular piece of furniture. If you look at a house and say that it doesn't belong here based on just size (or style or any other reason), I have to think you are a bit misguided. Maybe it is a hidden jealousy or denial. Everyone has a different way of living and I enjoy that this site has branched beyond just apartments to show that range. No matter what, this house has many beautiful elements that could be transferred to a smaller space with a little imagination.

Guy & Jennifer's Contemporary California Modern Home
House Tour

12/16/11 06:38 PM

This is less home related but still a design interest... Where did Geoffrey buy his glasses? I need a new pair and really like those!

Emily Schuman's Modern Rustic Home
House Tour

2/14/11 07:14 PM

I agree with Jdad. Some minds remember color better. For those that don't do it by color, do you do it by author? There are those titles where you instantaneously know the author's name, but MANY of my books were text books or short reads that I am much more likely to know the color of than the author. I bet if you sat down and though about it you could describe the appearance of far more of your books than the author.

Flickr Find: One More Color-Organized Bookshelf
1/28/11 01:14 PM

Love the kitchen! What is the breed of this dog?

Kitchen Tour: Cissy and Richard's Relaxed Green Kitchen
1/14/11 08:32 PM

I cancelled mine about a month ago and have not regretted it. I only watch a few shows and they are all available online. Hulu is wonderful. Yidio is another great site for anything not on Hulu and for those outside the US. Time Warner was charging around $45 a month!

Even if you do not want to cancel, I would recommend calling and suggesting you do. Mention that you can just watch TV online. Before Time Warner would process my cancellation, they offered to decrease my cost by about $10 per month. These companies will do anything to keep you on their customer list because they know the internet TV market is gaining momentum.

Have You Considered Canceling Your Cable Service? | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
4/15/10 09:26 PM