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I have a weekly chore rotation posted in my apartment, and on my daily task list in my google calendar, so, definitely preaching to the choir here.

But, yes, crossing off a task on that list always makes me feel good. Even better? Seeing the effects of that task still in place, later on. You have an exhausting day at the office, and you come home to find your bed made, looking crisp and inviting. Or a friend swings by, and you do the surreptitious, panicked look around to see how much of a mess your place is... And it isn't. Love that.

I Can Get You Addicted to Cleaning: Dopamine and the Checklist
2/20/14 09:50 PM

I'd add shower curtains to the monthly wash items like bedding and bathroom rugs. I clean them when I do my weekly bathroom clean (Wednesday, for me) but I like to take them down and throw them in the washer once a month.

The House that Cleans Itself, Part 2:
Once-a-Month Cleaning Chores

2/20/14 09:42 PM

Hmm, this is strangely timely for me, as I just redid the bar-area of our apartment. Initially, it looked a great deal like the photo above, which I found to be cluttered and inconvenient. I bought a super cheap countertop shelf, which I installed a wire rack wineglass holder under. The same area also holds a wine rack, bar tools, and a couple cocktail recipe books. I think it looks inviting, and if company were to swing by, it wouldn't be a big production to offer them a friendly drink.

I do not have the space to conceal my liquor, and I'm not certain I would - I had no idea so many people were so vehemently anti-display!!

Fun or Faux Pas? Liquor Bottles on Display
2/13/14 10:34 AM