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5/9/08 12:57 PM

Another great reusable bag is the Onya bag (as in "keep it on ya all the time!") - I bought it in London at the Greenwich Market from the creator John Brousson a few years ago and carry it with me everywhere. Made of light, durable parachute-like material, the bag folds into its own small pouch. The BEST feature, though, is that the pouch turns into a shoulder strap - simply clip the carabiner clip onto the small loop and you can sling it over your shoulder. You can also clip it to your bag or key chain. People have stopped me on the street in NYC to ask where to buy one. I bought a slew of them for friends and family, but need to get a few more for myself since they come in lots of great colors!

Apartment Therapy - Baggu Shopping and Grocery Bags
9/28/07 01:18 PM