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Ooo, can't wait to check this out!
Thank you for featuring this.
I'll be kayak guiding in the area (Pearl Islands) in August and September, introducing our guests to observing humpback whales and their calves.
After birth the calves spend a few months with their mothers, gaining strength before starting the long journey to Antarctica for a summer of feeding.
Check it out here:

Panama Rainforest Discovery Center Well-Designed Travel
3/5/12 08:52 AM

One word: Nooooooooooooo!!

Autumnal Decor: Dreamcatchers (Yes, Dreamcatchers)
9/16/11 02:36 PM

Nice job making your small bathroom look fun and cheery!
I am moving into a new house soon with my husband and daughter, and have been obsessing about how to keep the very small bathroom there from looking cluttered and chaotic. My issue is with towel storage. Where do people hang their towels when they can't use the bathroom? Our bedrooms are small, too, so I'm thinking of a low-profile, free-standing towel rack.
Oh, and sorry: I have to weigh in on the toothbrushes! What germs are you worried will be flying through the air from the toilet? Unless you have some MAJOR toilet water-splashing going on, there's so little danger of getting harmful bacteria on your toothbrushes! Sheesh!

Before & After: Kim's Blah-No-More Bathroom
2/18/11 05:19 PM

This looks fantastic! I'm totally sold on plywood as flooring. Are there any drawbacks to it, though? Does it wear out more quickly than hardwood or softwood, for example?

Before After: Clean and Modern Plywood Bedroom | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
1/27/10 11:08 AM