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Beautifully done. While it's not my personal taste, I'm originally from DC/Alexandria (live in L.A. now) and can appreciate the beauty and style of the home. I used to do the Old Town open home tours during the holidays, and can say that this home stands up nicely to the ones I've had the pleasure of visiting. You've preserved the style of the area, but have given it a modern twist. Wonderful!

Alex & Wendy's Evolving Victorian
House Tour

11/30/11 02:26 AM

I.love.this.house.Period. Good grief, just invite me over!

Seriously, it's gorgeous. Congratulations on perhaps one of the top three house tours I've ever seen on this site. What color paint is the "greige" in your living room (where the big Buddha painting is)?

Brian & Daniel's Worldly Oasis Home
House Tour

11/1/11 01:37 AM

Great tour, well done. The only thing is that the yellow dining chairs are not Eames as listed in the "Resources of Note," but Thonet.

Kathryn & David's Mix of Modern & Craftsman Apartment
House Tour

8/20/11 02:48 PM

Beautiful home. The layout reminds me of my own (900 sf). Where did you get your front door? They're sold everywhere, but I'm trying to find the best vendor to buy from...Thanks!

Elizabeth & David’s Happily Growing Home and Garden
House Tour

8/10/11 12:50 AM

Great home. Love the wall-mounted dresser in one of the bedrooms. Is that handmade or did you buy it at a store?

Steve & Glen's Joshua Tree Retreat
House Tour

3/15/11 12:57 AM

Absolutely stunning!!! This tops my list as a favorite AT house tour!!! Gorgeous!!!

Kathleen & Maurizio's Imported Italian Home
House Tour

2/12/11 02:09 AM

Gorgeous! I live in L.A., but D.C. is "home" and Adams Morgan is my old 'hood. Wonderful to see such beautiful modern design woven into D.C.'s historic tapestry. (Love the lava stone in the bathroom, btw.) Missing D.C....

Ralph's House Of Cool
House Tour

10/17/10 05:45 PM

I'm in love with your home! It's funny, I have almost the same layout and colors in my own home (down to the mini office out back that connects to the house!). I must ask...who did your deck? I'm in LA, and am interested in getting someone to do a floating deck (or not) for me. Congratulations on your stunning home!!!

Kristen and Mike's Mid Century Update (On a Budget)House Tour | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
5/1/10 04:39 PM

Great job on the outdoor living space! I'm also admiring the color of your house stucco! Did you re-stucco or paint? I'm looking for a good company to re-do my home and am in LA. Any recommendation?

Before and After: Susie's Backyard Retreat Garden Call | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
4/3/10 06:42 AM