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mellon, it sounds like you have a worker's comp situation on your hands. Have you been to see a doctor about your lower back pain? This is absolutely something that should be addressed by your employer. It's unacceptable that you spend up to 30 minutes at a computer and there is no capacity to sit while doing so. Some jobs do require employees to be on their feet nonstop (cooks, nurses), but there is no reason that a pharmacist shouldn't have opportunities to sit periodically during their shift. The fact that you say "we are not allowed to sit" is a big red flag that your employer is not appropriately concerned about their employees' health. They're putting themselves at risk of being sued by employees.

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10/7/11 01:39 PM

What is so wrong with using a warm wipe (cloth, disposable or otherwise) to clean your baby's bottom? The wipes warmer alleviated the issue of my baby screaming every time we wiped her bottom. The girl has her opinions and is not subtle in expressing them. For the record, MN and ND are not the only places that get cold at night, and who wants to deal with a screaming baby in the middle of the night if it can be avoided? Seems downright practical to me. And as for "just popping into the bathroom to wet a cloth wipe", who leaves a poopy baby during a diaper change to pop into the bathroom for anything? Sorry but wipes warmer was one of our most useful baby purchases.

As was our convertible crib. Ikea: designed for a small space, and easy conversion from crib to a toddler bed that has the same footprint as the crib.

Changing table -- we used a folding table (like a wooden TV tray, but bigger) that was cheap from somewhere and put the changing pad on that. Changing on the floor is great for those who are not "advanced maternal age" and inclined to back problems :-)

Good luck, MLaura! It's so easy to be self-righteous about baby gear when you're expecting a baby.

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9/27/11 03:03 PM

Regarding the question of whether or not to do it in stages, I disagree with the whole hog approach, though I can see that it might work for some. For us, it would have been too much all at once. We did waking hours first with cloth training pants for nap and pull ups at night. Then after a couple of weeks transitioned to underwear for nap when she was staying dry through most naps. Then after about 3 months transitioned to cloth training pants at night when she was staying dry 3 nights in a row. She still wets at night sometimes but there's a waterproof pad on the mattress so it doesn't matter. I do think the pull ups encouraged her to pee at night while the cloth training pants encourage her to stay dry.

Let's Get This Potty Started Right: Potty Training Woes & Wisdom
7/21/11 07:55 PM

Sleep sacks. Grobag makes them in various thicknesses for different times of the year, and in sizes up to 36 months. They'll also prevent your young toddler from trying to climb out of the crib down the road.

JasonfromVA, I'm so sorry about your loss.

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7/21/11 07:40 PM

I also used the 3 day potty training method from the website mentioned above and it worked well for us, though not in 3 days. I went into it with the attitude that my daughter can learn if I teach her, and learning to use the toilet is not optional (so don't "suggest" he use the potty, that makes him believe it's an option. It's not). When she was 23 months I chose a weekend and we hunkered down for a hellish 3 days and followed the program exactly. Keeping it positive (praise and rewards at every opportunity) was key, but it was hell. After the 3 day intensive we started taking her to the potty every hour. After a couple weeks of that I went back to a reward system again to encourage her to go on her own initiative (I knew she was able but was being lazy about it). I used a sticker chart for that "refresher course" (3 stickers = toy prize) and it only took a couple of days. That might be helpful with a kid who has shown that he can do it but is being "laissez-faire."

Did I mention the 3 days were hell? But the reward is that I haven't changed a diaper since and my daughter is so proud of being a "big girl". I would say that rewards are essential (for successes only, not tries), diaper-free is essential (underwear only, even when going out, and "special underwear" at night), and being absolutely persistent is essential (our daughter is fiercely stubborn, so this was the hardest part).

He will get it!

Let's Get This Potty Started Right: Potty Training Woes & Wisdom
7/19/11 05:29 PM