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mm I remember back in my days as a freshman, my mom once packed me off to school with caramelized onions frozen into ice cube trays so that I could use them in small servings with pierogies - a pretty good and cute way to freeze those individualized portions in my opinion :)

Apartment Therapy - Flavor Builders: How to Caramelize Onions
11/8/07 11:25 AM

I love that you are brave enough (or braver than me anyway) to use green and red together - and you've done it without evoking any thoughts of christmas whatsoever! also: love what you did with the fireplace, and the wave-y arrangement of pictures.. and the shelves in the kitchen window that have plants on them.. and.. actually I wouldn't mind moving in, if that's alright with you :)

Apartment Therapy - #17 - Erin's Colorful Haven
10/12/07 01:30 PM

these are sooo cute, especially the idea of burrowing pockets.. I want one for my puppy :)

Apartment Therapy - October NY Design Meetup: Wes Green's Lexie Lew Pet Collection
10/12/07 09:21 AM

this is a question for any canadians, specifically montreallers out there.. I'm not really sure where to ask my question so I'm giving AT a shot. I'm basically looking for places where I can get posters mounted - or framed if it is possible that it would be inexpensive. I'm still a student so posters seem somewhat inevitable but I think just mounting them on a board or basic frame greatly decreases the "studentiness" of posters... so any ideas on where/what materials I should use to do this myself, or places that will do it for low prices? thanks!

Apartment Therapy - Open Thread 513
9/5/07 02:31 PM

I love your kitchen colour! I am on the verge of painting my kitchen a lime green-y colour as well... do you mind if I ask what paint colour you used?
this makes me so excited to paint my kitchen!!!!

#6 - Sarah's Tiny Citrus Squeeze
4/17/07 05:45 PM