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my parents had some pretty crazy parties. As I was growing up I always had a decent amount of people visiting. As one person was leaving another person would be on there way. It was always a very relaxed environment. No requirements of anyone beyond just being there.

Now that I'm older I'm the complete opposite. one on one is good but I'm content spending my time just with my family.

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2/23/14 09:14 PM

wish it was available for Android.

Turn Your Photos Into Watercolors: Waterlogue
2/20/14 08:18 PM

Such a fun house! I love the painting above the bed :)

Fabienne's Most Happily Colorful Apartment in Canada House Call
10/31/13 01:16 PM

I really love the Sleep Like a Tiger and Where the Wild Things are. The Tree House looks really good. I would replace Vegetables with this book: I think the illustrations are really pretty.

20 of the Most Beautiful Children's Books in the World
10/26/13 07:54 AM

Yeah I'm not a fan of it either. I do say goodnight to objects with my daughter as a ritual for bedtime but the book itself seems really archaic.

20 of the Most Beautiful Children's Books in the World
10/26/13 07:52 AM

I agree with Pi. about using it as a linen closet. I think you could still put a curtain up but I would recess it inside the frame. I would definitely remove the carpet on the bottom shelf.

Ideas for a Cupboard above the Stairs? Good Questions
8/21/13 11:00 AM

We have the gocrib and we love it. We have traveled a couple of times with it and it's been a lifesaver. I traveled once by myself and it was light enough to carry along with all the other baby essentials. I think it's around 10lbs all together with the backpack.

#10 also looks really nice and you could use it into toddlerhood. You can't beat 4lbs.

On the Go: Travel Beds for Babies & Toddlers
7/12/13 10:48 AM

I'm a born and raised Austinite but that doesn't necessarily mean anything, right? Well anyway I agree with the other posters that Cedar Park feels like it takes a eternity to get to. I've lived in Hyde Park, South Austin near Slaughter, East Austin in a house, Oak Hill, South Austin near 290 and Dripping Springs (30m southwest of Austin). As for starting a family I would worry about the schools. I went to public school in Austin and there aren't a ton of great ones. If you are not worried about this then you definitely have more options.

I think Anything near Dick Nichols Park is pretty nice area in a decent price range. I think going West towards Dripping Springs is a good option too. It's freaking beautiful out there and you are really close to Pedernales and some other parks. They also have a really great Waldorf School out that way.

As a sidenote: I wouldn't go too far east it can be semi ghetto out that way but there are some really nice pockets on the Eastside near 35. I also wouldn't go north of Andersen it gets pretty ghetto out that way too. I will say ghetto's in Austin are still rather tame by comparison to other cities.

Anyway I hope that helps. Goodluck!

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7/11/13 03:28 PM

I just sent out two Thank you notes to my parents and my husband's parents today! I love snail mail. One of my fondest memories was going to post offices with my father and picking out the stamps that would be on our letters. Stamps fascinated me. I don't collect them but I love seeing what new ones are coming out.

Although not all my friends send mail I know they appreciate them. Who doesn't love getting mail? I just sent a letter to a friend recently who had her first baby. It wasn't an advice letter but rather saying "please be kind to yourself as a new mother." When would that come up in our day to day?

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6/26/13 03:26 PM

oh this really brings back some memories. I remember asking my mom to make snow cones with the Snoopy Sno Cone thing. I think my mom hated it.

The glowworn, my little pony's and cabbage patch dolls are my favorites from your list.

Total Toy Flashback: The 1980s
5/18/13 03:22 PM

I think it's sort of dingy looking but it would look great reupholstered.

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4/26/13 03:21 PM