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Meant to add, OurGroceries syncs quickly enough that we can use it while tandem shopping. He starts one one side of the store, I start on the other, and we can drop that list to zero in no time.

Recommendations for a Shared Grocery List App? Good Questions
2/11/13 10:16 PM

I've been using OurGroceries for the last year. I love that it remembers items, so I often only have to tap the first letter to bring up a short list that I can choose from. And after assigning all these items to categories once, my list is always nicely organized by store section.

Recommendations for a Shared Grocery List App? Good Questions
2/11/13 10:13 PM

Thanks for the great pointers! I find that meals-for-one in my house always end up flavored with a combination of soy sauce, lime, and garlic. Delicious, but not exactly interesting after the third time in one week. I think I'll make both of Heidi's sauces today and liven up the upcoming weeks.

A Few Good Sauces for the Solo Cook Cooking for One
6/27/12 09:55 AM

Excellent!! I've got to try the cinnamon soon. I love adapting this recipe with whatever I have on hand, but one of my favorite variations is to add in chunks of frozen mango. They blend up really smoothly with the bananas and add a pretty powerful flavor.

Magic One-Ingredient Ice Cream 5 Ways: Peanut Butter, Nutella, and More Recipes from The Kitchn
5/25/12 12:52 PM

I actually just stopped in to Good to Go this weekend. The prices seem on par for travel plaza food - there doesn't seem to be much of a "surcharge" for organic. A lot of their foods involve minimal in-house prep: wraps with cold cuts, fresh fruit/salads, and grilled Applegate sausages.

I was hoping for some solid vegetarian selections, but aside from salad there's only the soy dog with optional veggie (soy heavy) chili. I tried it, and, honestly, it tasted like every other soy dog I've ever had: salty, squishy, and only half-succeeding at being a very mediocre hot dog. No need to ever get it again. Perhaps as business grows we'll see the addition of other vegetarian selections like a tofu wrap, a tempeh reuben, or a grilled seitan 'sausage.' (Hint, hint. Please, though, not another grilled veggie wrap or hummus sandwich.)

Overall, it's a nice addition that probably provides the most healthful snack options in the plaza. Selections for a full meal are a bit limited by comparison, but appear to be well thought out, excepting the phoned-in soy dog for the veggie crowd.

Finally! A Locally-Sourced Food Chain on the Highway Food News
3/20/12 06:35 AM

I have a bit of a lunchbox, uh, "issue".... ( I have a cabinet full of them and use whatever one matches my mood.) Finally my extensive lunchbox experience might be useful! I find the Mr/Ms Bento is nice for keeping a meal hot, but I think it's overly heavy and too large and awkward shaped to fit in a bag well with other items. I prefer the laptop lunchbox, although it holds a lot more than I typically eat, and I don't like carrying a bunch of empty space in my backpack. I most often use this box It's sturdy, compact, and holds things well, although it can't go in the microwave or contain liquids. For a hot meal, I think the Thermos Stainless King food jar cannot be beat. Good size, good insulation, with a folding spoon. As a final note, I've been interested for a while in this box ( although the price is outside my range.

Looking for a Bike-Friendly Lunch Box
Product & Shopping Questions

2/24/12 09:49 PM

Love this app! My partner and I have used it for about 6 months. We love that it keeps us from actually having to discuss groceries or having to be responsible for remembering what the other person wants. We use a shopping list for each store (grocery, Costco, hardware), and a couple lists to manage family to-do items. After you have most of your groceries in the app memory and have assigned categories to them, making and using the list is super fast.

OurGroceries: A Simple Yet Effective Grocery List App
2/22/12 05:32 PM

I really love the kidney bean based beanballs in Veganomicon. They can't be simmered in sauce, but I love them crispy right out of the oven over my pasta!

Vegetarian Comfort Food: The (Un)Meatball
1/9/12 12:03 PM

I absolutely love my Thermos King jar ( for transporting soup. It holds about 16 oz and even has a folding spoon in the lid. I pre-warm it as modestalmond suggests, and it keeps my food piping hot until lunch time with absolutely no leaking. It's a bit pricey for a food container, but it's durable, well made, and the most effective soup container I've tried.

What Is the Best Way to Transport Soup for Lunch?
Good Questions

8/23/11 08:05 AM

I just tried grilled halloumi for the first time this summer. Yum, yum, yum. According to my friend in England it is a very popular vegetarian menu item there. However, I'd stick with small doses since it is flavor/salt packed.

If I'm cooking over a grill I tend to go traditional - thick slabs of veg (eggplant, portobello, zucchini, etc) with a bit of olive oil, salt, and pepper. For a protein change why not try grilling up some tempeh. Marinate in soy sauce, spices, and a little liquid smoke to impart a near bacon-y flavor.

If you've got a campfire, though, then a whole new range of opportunities is open from 'grilling' to 'wrapping in foil and throwing in the fire' Lots of great suggestions above.

Friendly reminder, though - Always have some quick snacks ready because it inevitably takes longer to get the grill/fire going on a camping trip than planned. Have fun!!!

Best Vegetarian Meals for Grilling?
Good Questions

8/11/11 08:37 AM

Heck - all my baking sheets look like that. My mom once told me that baking sheets don't get scrubbed with soap cuz you want them well seasoned. By now mine are a blackened, speckled mess. I'm also pretty clumsy, so they're all dented. My boyfriend finds our baking sheets disgusting, but I figure that if I never need to grease them and they bake evenly then I'm perfectly happy with them.

In Praise of Battered Baking Sheets
7/6/11 10:05 AM

I almost always have trouble with store-bought pizza dough because it can take SO LONG for it to come up to room temperature. But if you're patient, like other said, it's much easier to stretch the dough when it's not cold. You'll want to keep it loosely covered, though; otherwise you'll get dry, hard bits that won't incorporate well. If you run into trouble during the stretching/rolling phase, let the dough relax for 3-4 minutes and then try again.

There seem to be a lot of baking ideas here! I like to stretch my dough on parchment paper and then I slide the paper onto the stone for about 5 minutes (for really thin crust.) This is just enough to set the dough in its shape, which I find makes the subsequent topping and handling easier.

Then I take the crust out, set aside the parchment paper, deflate any big bubbles that might have puffed up in the crust, brush it with olive oil, add toppings, and put it back in the oven directly on the hot stone - no parchment this time. For me this double baking method really cuts down on the frustration and inevitable messiness of working with floppy dough covered with sauce.

How Can I Get My Pizza Dough to Stretch?
Good Questions

7/6/11 07:40 AM

A really useful device if you have an easily-distracted tea lover in the house - much better than repeatedly finding an empty kettle over a lit burner. I use it any time I need hot/boiling water: I'll get it boiling in the kettle and then dump it into the pasta/soup/etc. pot.

Electric Kettles: Should You Buy One?
5/12/11 04:34 PM

Just a couple weeks ago I was complaining to my mom about being out of TheraFlu Nighttime. "How am I possibly going to sleep with this cold?" Her advice is the first picture in your post: whisky, honey, and lemon, equal amounts, hot. She said her grandma always made this for her when she was sick. Unfortunately my mom must have decided this wasn't good parenting -- she never made it for me while I was growing up.

What Was Your Mom's Home Cure for the Common Cold?
3/21/11 01:50 PM

I'm glad that LovieDovie is with me on looking at the picture and seeing IKEA. ;)

The Kitchen Office: A Bad Idea?
3/4/11 07:26 AM

Just made this dessert last night - using only a blender and a small saucepan. Super yummy and simple!!

Help Me Make the Most of My Brand-New Blender!
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1/27/11 04:55 PM

I'm lucky in that my partner is totally happy to eat meat free dinners together, but sometimes I do go the "flexi" route and make a meat version for him.

If I'm making something special for him like a steak or roast, I'll just pump up the side dishes so that I can enjoy a complete meal out of them. For something where meat is optional (souffle, quiche, lasagne) I'll make mini/individual portions, leaving the meat out of mine. (After all, if I'm low on protein for the day I can just have a protein rich snack!) However, find the easiest straight-up substitution is ground beef. I'll either use veggie crumbles, or lentils, or a mixture of finely chopped cooked mushrooms and eggplant (idea credit here In fact, the latter two options can be cooked ahead of time and held in the fridge for use during the week.

One thing I keep on hand is Trader Joe's "Beef-less strips" These are great for stir-fry or anywhere else you would want to use steak strips. I'm surprised by how good the flavor and texture are. (The "chicken-less" strips I find less pleasing.)

Good luck!!

Help Me Find Fresh Ideas for Flexitarian Meals! Good Questions | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
6/2/10 11:53 AM

I can't see the lion, but there's definitely a barn owl there.

Do You See What I See? A Vision In Taleggio and Honey The Cheesemonger | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
3/3/10 03:27 PM