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omg where are those shoes from? I need!

A New Cure, A New Room: The Style Cure Best of 2013
12/31/13 11:51 AM

Dear AT Contributers, Your site feels like home to me- I have been following AT since the early 2000's, and enjoyed seeing the evolution of the blog. Personally, I get very excited to see DIY posts. Also, I greatly miss Renest- there seems to be a lack of practical home advice on the web for those of us concerned about living with a minimal impact to the earth. That said, I think the variety of posts help us to stay inspired and coming back for more. Thank you for the hard work!

Commenters: This is a good opportunity to evaluate not only what AT delivers to us, but to evaluate what we contribute to the blog as well. Positive feedback, useful advice, and personal experiences make the comments section as interesting to read as the blog post itself. Thanks to those of you who have also inspired us over the years.

What Would You Like to Hear More About?
10/24/13 01:29 PM

My boyfriend and I use dried crushed papaya seeds as a pepper sub (due to a allergy). I love adding it to homemade chicken broth soup- it adds a little complexity.

Black Pepper: Which Spice Should Replace It?
1/6/12 12:54 PM