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Refuse to own a pair of sweats, not familiar with "jammie pants" and don't wear pajamas, so I'm either presentable enough to answer the door or naked. What's so hard about cute jeans/shorts and a tank top? And somewhat akin to Rural and Rueful, I don't leave the house without lipstick. Best lesson Mom ever taught me.

How Hot Do You Look At Home?
9/19/12 08:12 PM

Caneel Bay is indeed lovely. Gallows Point, right outside Cruz Bay, is great as well.

10 Questions: Todd Oldham Summer Style Survey
8/24/12 04:40 PM

Please DON'T paint! I'm just back from a vacation spent in a Vermont cottage, done largely in knotty pine. Could I live with it in my fulltime residence in rooms that are used daily? Hells, no. But did it add a lovely, cabin-y, we're-on-vacation feel to a Vermont country house? Absolutely. It MADE the place. This is a room her Mom doesn't use in her day to day life; it's for visitors who are most likely on vacation. In that context the paneling is perfect and the room has exactly that casual, thrown-together-over-generations look that the best "getaway" cabins always have.

That said, definitely rip up the carpet, paint the floors white and hang some curtains. And know what? I'd keep Grandma's floral window seat fabric from a generation or two ago.

Help My Mom Decide: The Great Wood Paneling Debate
8/18/12 05:12 PM

When I first moved to NYC in 1980, it was to LIC (three blocks in from the Pepsi sign!) and none of these high rises existed then. It was a wasteland. I lived in a tenement above a deli running a front for Columbian drug dealers, saw a guy murdered in there (hatchet to the chest) while I was buying cat food, Talking Heads would open their rehearsals down the street and three doors down PS.1 had Bowie, Blondie, and all ilk of glitterati parading past our fire escape (our cue to wander insouciantly into the party.) Combined with the amazing views of Manhattan it was, in a word, wonderful, despite the lack of heat in the apartment or any neighborhood services whatsoever. Thirty years on, this is a whole different kind of wonderful that I should check out.

Long Island City: Modern Living at the View Showhouse Tour
7/12/12 01:33 AM

An extra bedroom.
A decent-sized bathroom.
The holy trinity in NYC...

What Do You Covet Most From Other People's Homes? Reader Survey
6/15/12 09:40 PM

I used Ben Moore's Aura in Pigeon Gray (awful name; beautiful purple undertones) to cover BM Brookside Moss (if I recall correctly), a deep kelly green. I made my painters prime and do two coats, and have gone back myself in the intervening three years to do touch ups. Aura is an absolute dream, but I would NEVER not prime before painting anything, even if going dark over light, even when using the best paint. In the grand scheme of things, paint is cheap. Do it right. It will show.

New Color Line Launched: Color Stories Full Spectrum by Benjamin Moore NeoCon 2012
6/13/12 08:57 PM

Is that roof in NYC? Unfortunately, my coop got told by our insurance company that it is unquestionably illegal for any grilling to happen on a typical "tar beach" type rooftop, and that the FDNY goes nuts over this. But damn, that looks pleasant.

Survey: Where Do You Grill?
6/12/12 06:13 PM

With their casual, comfy vibe, I think these could work well at Maxwell's beach house!

Hosu by Patricia Urquiola for Coalesse Neocon 2012
6/12/12 05:10 PM

An enviable project to have, for sure! As someone mentioned above, I'd like to know if the house has been winterized, replumbed, rewired, etc. over the intervening years. And if, based on those facts, you plan to rent this out only in the summer or as a year-round residence. That would affect some of your design decisions, wouldn't it?

And it seems like I'm in the minority here, but I'd make all the wallpaper go away, very far away. Love the whites in the lvrm so far.

In any case, lovely house and grounds! Good luck!

Big Cottage Reno:
Stripping Down and Painting

6/12/12 05:03 PM

In addition to the cute print, I would also like to thank you for "hip in my hoppety."

Bunny Girls: A Saucy Print For Spring
3/22/12 08:25 PM

Between the amazing space and the wondrous clothes, this is just a whole big bunch of gorgeousness. And that exterior shot? Wow. Molto bene, Mario.

Mario Testino's Gorgeously, Fearlessly Eclectic Living Room
3/22/12 08:15 PM

A wonderful tour of a charming yet sophisticated family home—from one of this site's best writers. Kudos all around!

Leah & Rich's Evolving Patina
House Tour

3/8/12 06:56 PM

Seriously, this is an issue, a *thing*? Have people become so lazy or non-aware that turning off a light when they exit a room in not automatic? I don't care what damn era you grew up in, on what planet is there even an excuse for that sort of indolence and stupidity? Evidently, the one we're busy destroying.

What Tricks Do You Use to Remember to Shut Lights Off?
3/6/12 12:53 AM

My bookshelves aren’t a *snapshot* of me so much as a *history* of me, which is exactly what I like about them (and those of others). My childhood copy of "Little Women," the complete set of Tolkien that I read at 13, my parents’ tattered copy of "Catch 22" that I devoured at 14 (and periodically thereafter) to modernists like T.C. Boyle, Jonathan Ames and and everything David Foster Wallace has ever published. In between? Lots of Kingsley and Martin Amis, Saul Bellow, Penguin classics, most of Jane Austen, Evelyn Waugh, scads of books on music, way too many cookbooks and Christopher Alexander’s "A Pattern Language" first among the few design books. In sum: I like to read good fiction and eat good food amidst ample light. In a comfortable chair, with everything from Coltrane to Arcade Fire for dessert.

What Do Your Books Say About You?
3/5/12 08:38 PM

Oh, Lordy, this is gorgeous. We need a house TOUR, pronto!

David & John's Deco Meets Modern House Call
2/25/12 04:04 PM

It's a sorry day when posters feel the need to *apologize* for having books, and loving books, and actually reading and rereading books, and wanting to surround themselves in their homes with all the comfort and knowledge that lies within their pages. So you walk into my place and see a lot of books and automatically think I'm old fashioned and regressive? I walk into your place and see no books? All due apologies, but I automatically think you're a moron.

Restful Repositories: 10 Charming Home Libraries
2/20/12 11:51 PM

i want to go to there! And I want to be a friend to them! So smart, so stylish, and yet so livable, airy and welcoming! Nothing like the Somerville apts. I've known in my past. Well played, gents. Congrats!

Andy & Andrew's Vintage Modern
House Tour

2/15/12 12:27 AM

Could these two BE any cuter? Funny thing is, as an avid needlepointer since age ten, I first heard of him as just the "furniture guy" who happened to be married to HER, a total superstar in the needlecraft world. Really, in her realm, Erica is a queen. The first time I stepped into her shop on Madison (now closed) it was really like entering a temple.

Vladimir Kagan: Mid-Century Design Icon

11/16/11 10:30 PM

Sex? At the dinner table? WASPs in Massachusetts don't do this. Besides, what's to say? Sex: hell, yeah, we're in favor... We refrain from politics and religion, mostly because we and our S.O.'s are all on the same Democratic, atheistic page, and because my brother's father-in-law is conservative. (Although I'm sure Occupy will come up this year. Should be interesting.) Instead, we stick mostly with pop culture. When that gamut runs from Clint Eastwood to Justin Beiber to Joan Didion and the Muppets, everyone can have their say. And does. After dessert, my brothers and I pull out our Macs and download each other's music. It's all fun.

Rules of Engagement: Appropriate Holiday Dinner Talk
11/16/11 10:00 PM

Note to self: Next party, the pants come off. The stilettos, including my own, most definitely stay on. Festive!

ps: NYC pooches may be parked in an inflatable kennel at the door. They do much more harm to my hardwood and germ count than cute shoes ever will.

Etiquette at Home: Solutions to The Great Shoe Debate
10/20/11 07:28 PM