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Forgot to add, but we also have a cat so open shelving is extra bad, he just wants to climb everywhere (because climbing is the best).

Open Shelving: Love It or Hate It?
11/26/13 05:26 AM

Didn't install them ourselves (they were already here), but we have open shelving. Would replace, but landlady likes the open shelving, and we're moving out in a year or two. HATE it, absolutely hate it. I hate having EVERYTHING on view. All of our plastic food containers? Random attachments for food processor? The only hidden storage is under the sink, which I have tried to put as much stuff into as possible (currently it is a tidy den of spare cleaning products, tins of cat food, and the hoover). Kitchens are already a slightly "messy" place with a wide variety of not very pretty items around, but with cabinets you can at least keep them at bay.

Before moving to this flat, I contemplated that when I finally had MY KITCHEN THAT I COULD DO UP AS I WANTED (a big deal for me) I might have open shelving. Now? NO WAY. Cabinets forever.

With cabinets, you have some flexibility - you can designate one 'intended' for plates to be for tinned tomatoes or something, because it's more convenient for you. With open shelving, you're kind of stuck. For example, with the picture in this post - what if for the person doing the cooking, it would be more convenient for the bottom shelves to have beans, spices, and cooking utensils?

I dream of a kitchen with full cabinets, everything hidden away. Soon, soon!

Open Shelving: Love It or Hate It?
11/26/13 05:25 AM

Perfect timing! We're actually majorly upsizing soon (buying a two bedroom flat, currently renting a studio) and moving in February. I've moved a lot in the past few years with some unpacked boxes, piles of crap I don't even enjoy... Now that I'm not living alone the stuff has multiplied even further, it just all needs heavy pruning. That way I will HOPEFULLY be able to start the new place with a clean sheet!

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