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A trick I used is priming a veneer top with gesso (which you can pick up at any art store) before painting. Its normally a primer for canvas, but it worked perfectly when I used it.

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My boyfriend and I are moving into our first apartment together in 2 weeks which is both exciting and frightening. Not only is there a lot of work to be done, but it is a new era and level in our relationship. Not only will we have to learn to live together, but so will our decor styles!

The new apartment has sliding doors that separate the living room from resin sheet serving as a screen. The screen is a little dull and you can see scratches on the screen itself (perhaps from the previous tenant's cats).

I feel that the film would be a beautiful compliment to some of my boyfriend's household items and my own--for example, he has a light blue rug with a tan leaf like motif on it from ikea that we were planning on putting in the living room. I also have a green bird sticker clock ( I wanted to put in the living room.

The film seems like it will tie in these two elements (and my boyfriend and myself, teehee) in both color and style wonderfully!

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