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I had Concrete color Ceasarstone countertops installed two weeks ago. I just went to put a vase on the counter, hit the edge and it made a fingernail size chip. I am heartbroken. It was just knocking the edge of the counter, not banging it with a hammer--definitely within the range of normal use--and it damaged it. It is a kitchen counter for goodness sakes, how are you supposed to treat it like an eggshell? That is crazy. I don't cook at all but cannot imagine what it would look like if someone really used their kitchen often. I do not recommend it. (PS As a side note, I also had Blizzard color installed in my bathroom. I didn't notice a spot of Listerine that was left on the counter and when I went to clean it (within 24 hours) it will not come out. I would definitely not recommend this color if you have kids.)

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5/4/10 10:17 PM

anyone know where the 3 pendants on the left are from?

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3/16/10 10:53 AM