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#1 is the most exciting, freshest work I've seen in a while. The grey polka dot wall, the first wood wall I've actually liked, the fabulous scrabble tile used so well, the colors in the kitchen, the animal b&w photos. really great.

5 Tiny Kitchens with Style
4/22/14 12:29 PM

I know it's a sponsored entry, but I'm a big laminate fan. It's really underrated. It's affordable, and easy to maintain, as opposed to stone. With a square edge, it looks sleek and modern. There is a vast array of pattern choices. I'm about to redo countertops in a condo, and will just top the old counters with new laminate-it's a fairly easy diy with contact cement and a router.

Why Laminate? Wilsonart Wednesday
8/14/13 10:12 AM

An area rug to lighten the dark floor (look at indoor-outdoor rugs for affordable options) plus a throw over the back of the sofa to break up all that black (tucked down behind the seat cushions so it doesn't slide around).

Throw Pillows to Brighten Up Living Room? Good Questions
7/30/13 08:42 AM

I predict recycled wood walls will look dated in a very short time. Light fixtures with exposed bulbs will seem harsh. But I hope the trend of ripping out everything in an effort to be up to date will go out of fashion. It's wasteful. I love great design, but I think we need to pull back a bit.

Today's Remodeling Choices: Overblown Trends or New Classics? Renovation Topics
3/16/12 04:35 PM

Looks great. It would be inexpensive to add wider trim around the door and windows, to give the yellow door a bit more "presence", and make the two windows look more similar and house-appropriate.

Before & After: Bungalow Seeks Cool Colors
6/29/11 04:57 AM

I love the yellow wall too- can you share a little how you did it?

Adam's Blank Slate
4/11/11 11:51 AM

I've spent a lot (too much) time looking for a wall-mounted bedside table with a drawer, which seems like a no-brainer. Does anyone know of one?

Wall-Mounted Nightstands
Round Up

3/9/11 04:40 PM

I admire grampa's resourcefulness. On the other hand, it would have been sweet to notice that he needed help taking care of himself.

How Often Do You Change Your Sheets?
3/2/11 10:49 PM

smitten is a lovely word.

Perfect for Canning (& Carving!): Epicurean Carving Board
9/2/10 05:51 PM

Think of those great existing cabinets as a color. That rich orange tone doesn't work for me with the red walls- dark and jarring. A soft sage would work well with the cabinets and floor, at least based on the photo. Buy a quart of something you like and try it out, or a tester.

What Colors Will Work for Kitchen Renovation?
Good Questions

8/20/10 01:57 PM

The fresh new paint just has more gloss. You can try to gently dull the gloss of one of the touch-up spots down to the level of the rest, using ever more aggressive abrasives- as in, start with toothpaste, then try a powdered cleanser like Ajax, then maybe very fine sandpaper till you are happy.

Is it Possible to Successfully Touch Up Wall Paint?
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8/12/10 10:20 AM