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Wow. If I was required to give a gift every time friends moved from a studio to a one-bedroom, I'd be even broker.

And what happens when they decide to go minimalist a few years later (and get rid of your gift), then require a guest room a few years after that?

I'm all for celebrating major occasions with gifts, but I do not see how moving from a studio to a one-bedroom qualifies as a major occasion (regardless of whether they plan to marry).

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5/11/10 04:10 PM

AT is flattering itself!

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2/3/10 09:41 AM

Katherine here -

Thank you for your comments and suggestions - all of them! My brother made the awesome coffee table, and we designed it to be used occasionally as a bench - we actually call it "the benchable."

Rearranging furniture is completely within my budget, so I'll try that first. Please keep the suggestions (including window covering and other topics) coming - I'm really grateful!

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1/28/10 01:21 PM

I wish I could have a houseful of nambe. I have a very small dish which I use for little snacks (nuts, chocolate chips), but I would love to have an actual cooking/serving dish! This is gorgeous!

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12/17/09 10:32 AM

This is gorgeous! I love the warm tones and its shape. I would love this in my space!

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12/16/09 10:08 AM

Where's the murphy bed from, or is it custom-designed? I'm not seeing this info here or on the Houzz website.

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12/10/09 02:37 PM