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I love this!

Before & After: Crib to Lofted Toddler Bed Adriel Booker
4/28/14 11:43 PM

We've been keeping our jogging stroller on the back deck, which is the only option in our smallish house. Just recently mold started growing on it due to the high humidity around here (ah southern living). Had to give it a good wash, and now it gets wheeled into the kitchen at night for some drying out.

Where Do You Keep Your Stroller? Reader Survey
7/16/13 12:38 PM

This is really great. So special that it incorporates the party girl's personality.

Best Kids Parties: Bunnies My Party
3/3/13 10:05 PM

Really nice! The pancake tower looks fantastic. I also really like the birthday girl banner, might make something similar for my little one's first birthday.

Best Kids Parties: Winter Woodland Fairies My Party
3/3/13 10:03 PM

I really enjoyed this one -- very creative and functional! It's great to see a "lived-in" house and a work-in-progress.

Must add that we have the exact same tiles in our rental house, and I hate them too!!

Caroline & Jose's Remarkable Nest House Tour
2/21/13 11:44 AM

also thought it was a condom!
I clicked through and must say I love the abacus above the changing table.

Before & After: Guest Bedroom to Beautiful Nursery Life Behind the Ivy
2/21/13 11:35 AM

I simply slice them up like I would an orange, sprinkle with salt, and eat away. Yum!

How To Cut and Eat a Grapefruit Cooking Lessons from the Kitchen
2/15/13 10:40 AM

How does the batter not escape from the openings where the slider operates?
Looks like something I would love to use. I hate cutting parchment paper to fit my cake pans.

Why This Is My Favorite Cake Pan
1/14/13 12:26 PM

They are so cute. Looks like a fun time for everyone.

Best Kids Parties: Transportation Theme for Triplets My Party
1/9/13 09:38 PM

My preferred way is slightly uncivilized - I split the pomegranate into two halves and eat the seeds as I pick them out. Perfect activity to busy the hands while reading or watching a show.

How to Seed a Pomegranate The Easy Way Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
1/8/13 08:50 PM

The blanket-over-the-toys trick works so well for us! My 2.5 year old has a new train table, and we've been covering it with a sheet before nap and bedtime, so that he puts the trains to sleep. He won't settle down if he sees them.

Taming Toys: A Fresh Start for 2013
1/8/13 11:48 AM

We have a toddler and baby, and have only done this at the office christmas party. I also don't see myself putting in the effort to get so-so pictures.

On the other hand, it is nice to have at least one photo with Santa for the kids' album...doesn't need to be taken every year.

Pictures with Santa: A Worthwhile Tradition?
12/17/12 10:53 AM

I'm going to try this.

Tip: When Making Quick Bread, Melt the Butter in the Bread Pan
12/4/12 11:37 PM

I had no idea that car seat accessory thing existed! Definitely getting this for an upcomign trip. We had purchased one of those carts to which you attach the car seat and it broke after getting bonked the wrong way during a trip.

Travel with Babies & Toddlers Made Easy
12/4/12 10:57 AM

I have a bunch of favorite recipes from this cookbook: The Gourmet Slow Cooker: Simple and Sophisticated Meals from Around the World by Lynn Alley, though I should mention that that spices are given measured whole for grinding (annoying to me...).

Can You Share Your Favorite Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes? Good Questions
10/26/12 03:06 PM

I also loved the view of the living room taken from the bedroom! Much to explore here.

Debbie & Devin's Modern Slow Living House Tour
10/23/12 12:52 PM

One of my favorite crockpot recipes uses a block of cream cheese:

I also have smoked salmon with cream cheese on crackers for breakfast quite a bit.

What Are Some Savory Recipes That Use Cream Cheese? Good Questions
10/19/12 10:46 AM

We use Siena Glass Tumblers from Williams-Sonoma for our toddler, and they've withstood a few drops on our hardwood floors. No chipping or cracking. I originally brought them for the big people but I agree, small glasses like these work so well for little hands.

I don't like serving food or hot liquids in plastic, so we also use our old ceramic plates for food. He's broken only 2 or 3 plates/bowls in two years. I don't have to worry about plasticky stuff leaching into hot foods so worth it to keep the old plateware for the kids. And I think it's more fun for him to use real stuff at the table!

Petite Picardie Glasses: Perfect for Tiny Hands
10/15/12 09:47 AM

I lusted after the Bob jogger before no. 1 came along, but could only afford an umbrella stroller. Around here, sidewalks are few and not well maintained, so it was rough walking in the neighborhood. We moved to a new place before no. 2, where sidewalks are even worse - so, big splurge on the stroller (on sale at REI) and no regrets what-so-ever. My toddler can still ride in it, too.

What Was Your New Baby Splurge? Reader Survey
9/1/12 02:53 PM

The only thing I remember needing to buy was composition books and a hole-puncher for a one-time art project (that was useless!). This was in the 80s.

Pencil cases were the rage in my time, and I used one faithfully :)

What Back To School Item Is Completely Overrated?
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8/4/11 04:12 PM