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I also had the same problem e-mailing the seller of the teak dining table. I'm also interested and could pick it up if Vanessa decides no. So please e-mail me at, even if you are going to sell it to Vanessa, just so I know how it turned out.

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Scavenger: Teak Dining Table for $900#comments
1/12/08 10:57 PM

I just ordered felt from Sutherland for a few projects. I called the four companies listed above and they were all very kind and helpful, given this was my first felt-buying experience. The key is to figure out which SAE classification you need. Sutherland's SAE chart was the most helpful. You will need to know: what size piece(s) you need, keeping in mind that it usually comes off a 72" roll; what thickness, up to 1", the thicker the more expensive; how soft; and what color. Most industrial felts come in only one color per classification, either gray or white. Meaning that if you are buying F-10 it will always be creamy white, if you are buying F-11 it will always be gray. The shade of gray might vary from light to dark depending on the batch. I chose Sutherland because they were the cheapest. For example for a 72x20 piece of F-10 I was quoted 150-200 from the others, Sutherland charged about 100. I will report back on how the projects turn out...

Apartment Therapy - How To: Create With Felt
9/26/07 10:28 AM