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agree- pay off the whole mortgage and heck i'd keep the ad on for 6 months.

Free Mortgage: If You Turn Your House Into a Billboard
4/12/11 05:53 PM

personally i prefer a primary colour mash up, with no specific gender colour coding. but that's just me.

Gender-Neutral and -Specific Color Combos
4/3/11 05:14 AM


Before & After: Denese's Sunny Table Makeover
4/1/11 07:04 PM

how gorgeous is pic no. 2? and that small animal figurine?! i keep my goldfish bowl of star shaped lights nex to my two schleich dinosaurs. heaven.

String Lights In The Bedroom
3/30/11 04:13 PM

i have star shaped ones in a goldfish bowl. they rock my world!

String Lights In The Bedroom
3/30/11 04:11 PM


Jennifer Delonge's Warm Modern Family Rooms
Designer Profile

3/30/11 04:10 PM

bowls are actually the most used thing in my kitchen. great for portion control and sloppy seconds.

20 Things You Can Live Without to Reduce Clutter

3/30/11 04:06 PM

not my style, but bravo, very well done!

Corina's Hollywood Glamour on a Budget
House Tour

3/30/11 04:02 PM

brilliantly done.

Chris's 280 Square Foot Mini Modern
House Tour

3/22/11 11:03 PM

the after's nice. the before is nicer though. just my view.

Before & After: AJ Takes His Bedroom from Drab to Fab
Handjobs (For the Home)

3/14/11 08:27 PM

that first pic is really grim.

French Industrial in the Kids' Room?
3/8/11 06:57 PM

Wrenx- whoah. no one who slept in a lovely bedroom and lovingly built bed like this could possibly feel deprived. 'creepy' is such a strong word; could you have said it face to face?

Roman, Milo & Luca's Bedroom of Nooks
Room Tour

3/8/11 06:45 PM


Elisa's Red, White and Cozy
3/7/11 08:43 PM

hi gorgeous room! did ou mod-podge the dresser?

Cooper & Campbell's Cool and Eclectic Shared Room
Kids' Shared Room Tour

2/22/11 09:28 AM

Derek- marry me!!
But seriously, love both looks. Most of all, love your collections.

Derek's Gidget Goes Disco
House Tour

2/6/11 10:50 AM

love the bookshelf!!

Before & After: Debra's New Blue Loo
1/13/11 07:03 PM

this is LOVELY.

No-Sew Ribbon Mobile
Prudent Baby

1/13/11 05:52 PM

here's an article on the Rainbow House: http://property.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_and_style/property/rental_market/article6952609.ece

The Most Colorful Place To Be A Kid
1/10/11 06:11 PM

oh god these gifts are so cute! i'm imagining little babies everywhere with faces lit up at finding rolls of tape and underwear in their socks! oh the innocence :)
this is a really sweet post and i love all the responses too.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for a 2-Year-Old
Good Questions

12/18/10 08:23 PM

Dream home.

Phil & Hali's Quintessential Loft
House Tour

12/4/10 11:41 AM