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I am a bathroom reader and want the rack really bad.
The silver does not match our color scheme, however
I will wait till somebody makes non-silver rack...

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Roundup: Bathroom Magazine Racks
9/19/08 01:17 PM

Thank you for the posting! I will try to go to the place.

I used to go to The Jangle at Washington Blvd.
I love the place more than rolling greens.
(people are more friendly and have more knowledge of the care of the plants) The shop is gone, but it seems to still be at Sawtelle (or moved?)
(When I think about finding a parking space at Sawtelle,
I am shy to go to the jangle...)

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Store: Marina Garden Center Los Angeles
8/12/08 01:51 PM

Sorry if my post is pointless... but I bought a bloom the other day,
and it works great.

We have two dogs, and their hair is everywhere.
We cannot have time to vacuum rather than weekend,
but it is not nearly enough. We found the bloom at an indian
store near by our place.
The bloom has a soft and big sweeping part, and the edge has
angle; so it can reach any narrow areas, and collect hair and dust.
I use portable vacuum to suck the dust and hair before they fly away. (This part is not green... you can use a dust pan if you
don't need to deal with the hair balls)
In this way, I don't need drag the big vacuum around the house,
and I can clean anytime and partially when I see dog's hair.
We still use our Dyson to clean the house on weekends,
but the cleaning with the bloom on weekdays totally work for us.
It works because we have hardwood floor, but the bloom was only
$3-4. It was great purchase for us.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Buying a Vacuum: Why Choosing Green Still Sometimes Sucks
7/24/08 10:00 AM

I don't think farting after meals in Japan is good thing either.

My Indian friend said that white is used only for funeral.
So don't use white if you are invite to a Indian wedding.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | International Etiquette: Being A Guest
7/23/08 04:06 PM

Every time when I see the topic, I am confused...
Since both of us have sensitive skin issue,
we choose non fragrance laundry detergent and sheet.
I often do not to use laundry sheet, but don't see
any difference very much...
Do we really need laundry sheet/ball/disc thing?

Apartment Therapy New York | EcoSave Laundry Disc
7/18/08 10:34 AM

We recently found the article and follow the steps,
and just started using the system last week.

We have two 40lb dogs, and the their poops were big issue.
We picked them up with a plastic bags from grocery shops
and dumped them to our garbage bin. The garbage bin smells AWFUL, especially in summer (I mean now)

We use a plastic laundry hamper that already has holes on the side.I also got a container powder for one of the pet waste composting systems, like Doggie Dooley. (If you type 'septic powder' in amazon, they show up. So I think they are same concept.)

I also found a couple of articles that using worms for the composting, but one of them says that you have to 'feed' fresh one, otherwise worms don't take.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | How To: Compost Dog Poop
7/12/08 01:46 PM

I think the point is even though you cannot touch worms, you can still have option :) The system sounds like accepting meat and dairy, that worms composting system cannot accept.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Green @ Home Project: The Bokashi Composter
7/2/08 12:46 PM

We have been using paw plunger for about 1 year.
It is washing the paws in the bottle, so it is better than wiping.
We wipe the paws with dry towels afterward.
The water goes to to patio plants, and the towels are washes every weekend; which mean no wasting.
We walk with our two dogs twice a day. It looks silly and kind big, but we need something to clean their paws. It works for us.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Paw Plunger for Muddy Paws
6/30/08 11:33 AM

We painted the door of a food pantry with chalkboard paint a couple of weeks ago. The door is same style as the photo, and we painted same area of the door. It is fun and functional now; I don't need to stick post-its on the refrigerator's door anymore.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Look!: Chalkboard Painted Door
6/24/08 10:36 AM

I think it may look cool because the space are filled with the toilet papers. Once you pull out a paper from the wall, it probably does
not look wall or partition at all.
(Or you might have another space to keep the extra papers so that the wall is always filled?)
Eventually, the top papers get dusty, and really bottom one may
catch some splashes from floor...
It does not work for me.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Toilet Paper Room DividerWestern Interiors and Design
6/19/08 05:39 PM

If you are in Los Angeles, you can go to Liz’s Antique Hardware
at La Brea
It is great place to find antique hardware
(and there are a lot of antique shops around the shop)

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Antique Hardware at Old Home Supply
5/29/08 10:54 AM

> why not just use rags?
I thought so, but it sound more durable than regular dish-cloths. I may try it.

By the way, I came from Japan, and we use dish wiping clothes (we call 'hukin') because dish washer is not popular like here. When they get old, they turn into 'dai-hukin,' which are used to
wipe kitchen-counters and table. (I think we name them different so that we don't mix them.)
When the clothes get really dirty, we use them for cleaning really dirty area
like window frame or toilet bowl before we throw them away.
(my mom also keeps worn-out socks and underwear for the purpose)
Since my husband (american) and I have been using so much paper towels, I start thinking to go back my culture (and any alternative solutions)

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Best Products: Paper Towel Alternative Twist Euro Cloth
5/19/08 04:05 PM

We are using one of the cheap I only one who is thinking to 'upgrade' the tool to the art paint tube wringer?
It is chromy and cute to me.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | How To: Squeeze Out All the Toothpaste
4/30/08 04:01 PM

I think it is theremin

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | LA Good Questions: What is This Red Thing?!
4/24/08 01:14 PM