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I have a 4 year old boy and an almost 2 year old girl. One of my favorite films is the Wizard of Oz. We watched this together for the first time a few months ago, snuggled in bed. My son was glued to the screen while I silently mouth all the lines and sang all the songs. I cannot wait to get him started on other favorites! We watched the "silly parts" of "Duck Soup" the other night and he begged to watch the whole thing. I just thought it would be a little too over his head to see the whole thing at this age. He is really into reading about outer space right now so I am considering having him watch "Trip to the Moon." I haven't seen it in years but what I remember of it I feel like he would love! As a kid my siblings and I enjoyed an array of MGM classics and watched hours of the little rascals. This influenced a love for art, music, and film throughout my life. And it has always been expected that you have to dig to get to something you truly love. I hope my kids have the same desire to learn and explore and discover what means something and is beautiful to them!

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9/10/12 09:16 AM