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That mason jar in the back yard - is that just for decoration, or is that a solar light on it? Thanks!

Aria & Jason's Austin Oasis House Tour
7/7/13 01:13 PM

I love it. You do so much with such little space. Two questions. Where did you find your bed linens? And the cylinder to the right of the computer monitor, is that also a West Elm lamp? Great tour.

Ryan's Georgetown Vintage Americana
House Tour

7/27/11 01:09 PM

I wondered the same thing about surface prep, SubwayKnitter. I have an old LACK table that I'd like to try this on; anybody know what needs to be done before the painting starts.

Learn How To Pin Stripe a Table with ScotchBlue™ Painter's Tape
7/26/11 10:45 AM

Looking at a larger image of the silo vases, it look as if the flowers might be tied to leads sitting on the bottom, maybe with different lengths of fishing line to put them at varying heights. I love the look!

Display Ideas from Interior Homescapes
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5/12/11 07:12 PM

Love it! Bring on the house tour!

Wendy's Shoebox Studio House Call | Apartment Therapy New York
6/21/10 10:04 PM

I love the table (I assume that is it in its expanded form under that table cloth). What a perfect space saver! Could you tell us the source! Great garden!

Apartment Therapy New York | My Great Outdoors: Kathy's German National Monument
6/16/09 10:37 AM

Gulf Restoration Network!

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Help Us Give 1% For the Planet
4/9/09 09:37 AM

I got my most recent mattress at Sleepy's. They have a 20% price beat policy all year round. I browsed online for a mattress I liked, took the price into Sleepy's and they beat it by 20%. And they could not have been more easygoing, there were no pushy sales tactics at all, because I had details on the mattress I wanted in hand. bepsf is right that the mattress all have different names, but the saleswoman looked at the details on my printout and matched it to a comparable mattress of the same brand at Sleepy's. Long story short, I got a $1700 mattress for $675.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: The Best Time to Buy a Mattress?
12/16/08 04:45 PM

Does anyone know where I can get a slip cover professionaly dyed? I thinking of buying the white cover for my Ikea Ektorp loveseat and getting it dyed, since I'm not too fond of their selection and Bemz is so expensive. I have considered getting some RIT and doing it myself, but dye that much material tiny apartment bathroom sounds like disaster to me.

Any thoughts?

Apartment Therapy New York | Open Thread 672 New York
10/9/08 06:55 AM

Does anyone have a reccomendation or favorite brand of power tools? I'm finally looking to tackle some of those improvement projects I've been putting off, but am basically a power tool virgin. I'm thinking of investing in a power drill and sander, nothing too heavy duty. I was leaning towards Black and Decker, because of the name mostly, but I borrowed one from a friend to hang curtains and the battery completely died on me and failed to recharge. I hear this is a problem with the brand. Any suggestions?


Apartment Therapy New York | Open Thread 670 New York
9/30/08 09:20 AM

Sure beats the tacky blue and red glass globes they sell on infomercials for this same purpose.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Wine Bottle Plant Nanny
9/8/08 11:06 AM

Love it. I'm currently looking for a 1BR, but these ideas are making me consider a studio as well now!

Apartment Therapy New York | How To: Make Room(s) in your Studio Apartment
8/20/08 12:07 PM

Yes, please!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | LA Thursday Giveaway: Autographed AT Presents Book
5/12/08 06:20 AM

yes, please!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Thursday Giveaway: Apartment Therapy Presents Book
5/12/08 06:19 AM

Yes, please!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Thursday Giveaway: Autographed AT Presents Book
5/12/08 06:17 AM

Me, please!

Apartment Therapy New York | Thursday Giveaway: Autographed AT Presents!
5/12/08 05:59 AM

If I win I promise to give this to my boyfriend. The floor space in his tiny bedroom is made even tinier by the piles of clothes everywhere. Help me help him.

Apartment Therapy New York | Friday Giveaway: New Closets from Astech Closet
4/4/08 11:36 AM

A link from over on Re-nest. AT is donating 1% of its 2007 profits to a charity and the readers get to vote on which one!

I think it's so great that AT is participating in this and giving back. And as a recent New Orleans transplant in NY, I have a soft spot for the Gulf Restoration Networks cause. I hope you will take a second to check out what AT is doing and vote for on of the four great causes.

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Open Thread #603
2/15/08 02:07 PM

Greer, you didn't go to Tulane did you? I had the exact same set-up in my freshman dorm!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Horizontal Opening Murphy Beds
2/14/08 07:03 AM

I vote for the Gulf Restoration Network. The gulf wetlands are an important natural barrier that significantly slow down hurricanes before they reach inlying areas. Their erosions makes hurricanes even more dangerous. Saving the wetlands helps people, animals and the earth! It's good for everyone.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Help Us Give 1% For The Planet
2/4/08 09:05 AM