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My husband and I moved from NYC to a small town about a year ago. The biggest issue I am facing is the employment reality. There are very few jobs and very few that pay even decently. After so much opportunity in NYC it is hard to swallow. We do a have a great health food store and gourmet food store but things like super foods and vitamins are sooooo much more expensive than in the city. I found vitacost to be a great way to save money. I also purchase cashews in bulk and make my own milk - so simple to make compared to other nut milks and very yummy and fresh. Overall we love it here but time will tell if that lasts if we are not able to find or create satisfying work.

Big City To Small Town:
A Personal Cost-Of-Living Update

3/2/14 10:05 AM

Yum! Looks so good and refreshing! I sweeten my smoothies with a half to whole date depending on how sweet I want it.

Recipe: Green Smoothie with Spinach, Pear, and Ginger Drink Recipes from The Kitchn
2/20/14 12:30 PM

Does anyone know a good online source for mud cloth? I have found several options through google but would love to get a recommendation from someone who has bought it before. Thanks!

Modern Mudcloth
5/10/13 01:48 PM