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I'll be working on the tiny office/guest room which I need to transform into the office/nursery for our baby boy (due October). This is perfect for getting me motivated and inspired just as I'm starting to drag a bit from the lengthy to-do list.

Day 3: Choose Your Room, Sit for 10 Minutes & Take Before Photos Apartment Therapy's Style Cure
8/5/13 08:59 PM

My husband and I talk about this often, as neither of us wants to create an environmental impact (or we at least want to be as minimal and natural as possible). Good to think ahead (we are in our 30s) of the options. Mary Roach's book "Stiff" outlines a number of possible ways for disposing of bodies after death. My favorite might be biodegrading research where you are laid out in a field and monitored while you degrade.

Ashes To Ashes, And Death To Life: Lovelier, Greener Burial Options
11/2/12 02:00 PM

Wonder if there is a way to do this combo in a slow cooker. Perfect to take along to a potluck this weekend.

Recipe Recommendation: Mushroom Casserole from 101 Cookbooks
10/26/11 07:19 PM

I've made pawpaw muffins before (following steps for banana muffins). The hardest part is getting the meat out of the pawpaws (and the seeds pulled out). Has a delicate sweetness.

America's Forgotten Fruit: The Pawpaw

9/30/11 10:31 AM

The kale and potato gratin is one of my recipe staples. I'm amazed by how moist the kale becomes just by chopping it finely and rubbing it roughly with the oil/garlic mixture. I don't go through the trouble to parboiling the potatoes, instead just slicing them very thin.

Make-Ahead Dish for Entertaining: 10 Vegetable Gratins
11/5/10 09:44 AM